What do you think of Armani Exchange jeans?

  1. I know expensive, designer jeans are trendy fashion items now, but has anyone tried Armani Exchange jeans? What do you think of the quality and look? I just bought a pair for $115.
  2. your lucky to have it in $115... not yet tried but i found them great and i think has a nice fit...
  3. My god honest opinion is that AX is way too expensive for the price. It's mass marketed using armani's name and u notice.........that most of the stuff isn't even really armani like. The line isn't designed/touched up..and probably even see by armani (not that he does this with many of his stuff anymore anyways).

    Armani is now a dying brand and has been for the last 5 or so years (almost all people who do serious brand shopping agree on this). He used to be a trend setter in the 90s and now he's a trend follower for his casual wear. His stuff in general is way too conservative for the current clothing environment.

    In regards to price, I think it's way too expensive for what you get. The sales are usually subpar (they have 50% or so off) from time to time but on the crappiest of colors. It is super hard to get any deal off the store (70% off or more) b/c so many people frequent the store b/c of the name and the fact that it's the cheapest area they can shop with an "armani" label.

    You stated that you paid 115$ for jeans....I'd be much happier going over to a neiman's, Saks, outlet and purchasing a pair of true religions or rock and republic. The sticker on the low end true rel, R&R are like 130$ at Saks outlet..use a 30% off coupon and it drops down to 91$ and i guarantee u u'll get a hipper, better fit, better quality, and better design jean than ax.
  4. Mm.. I gotta disagree with Jesoon. I think AX is much better quality than comparably-priced American brands like Jcrew or Banana. The designs are more more unsual/innovative and they use nice fabrics with great cuts. I don't buy it because it's Armani (in fact stay away from anything with logos on it)... but because it's good quality and fit. I have also tried on Giorgio Armani items and must say fit is just as good. The reason that it's so much cheaper is what Jesoon stated, but also mainly because it's made in China/Cambodia so on... not Italy like the rest of the Armani lines.

    Furthermore, Armani has never been a trendsetter per se. His brand is more known for great-fitting basics with modern touches than anything else. In fact, if you stroll into a Giorgio Armani store... you would just see a sea of white, grey, and black, nothing trendy.

    I only have their clothes and don't know much about their jeans. I've seen SAs in the stores with their jeans on and they looked Amazing. I seriously think the designer jeans trend is SO played out. All the girls' asses have the same Seven or Citizens stitching all over it. Do something different. If your jeans fit well, keep them.
  5. my husband has a few jeans from AX and they fit him nicely. I like the fact that his butt doesn't have designer logos all over it, but yet you know they are good quality jeans just by looking at it. He has R&R, 7, evisu, but honestly his favorites are Diesel jeans.
  6. Well if u look at what i wrote....I never compared AX to banana republic, I compared this to the likes of Rock and republic and true religion which I believe are far trendier and better than AX. Almost everything I see at an AX store is a 2-3 year old toned down copied version of some upscale brands sold at small boutiques and Barney's store (3.1 Phillip Lim, Corpus, Wings and Horns).

    Let's say this.........by banana republic standards AX is better.....and I guess in some sense it's a fair comparison b/c of their pricing points and target audience..the thing is.....if you do a bit of research and looking around, you can definitely find clothing that is at least 3X better for the same price i pay at an AX store. That alone in essence makes it horrible to shop in an AX store IMHO.

    Also I don't know where you get this idea that Armani was never a trendsetter....if I can push your memory back into the 90s...yes he was. Aside for Dolce and Gabbana his casual emporio armani line was the top trendsetting brand back then. I can remember the casual unstructured jacket with the semi-baggy pants that everyone used to wear...guess who started that? He was the man who redefined the cut on the suit and took black and grey into a whole new level unlike any other designer before him. It's is absolutely crazy to say that he was never a trendsetter.

    Anyway aside from this, I strongly urge the person who originally asked the AX question to look around outlet shops to find decent deals....you'll definiltely be able to get more for the same amount of money you spend. Also I would take that advice from forever21 seriously...I really think many designer denims are overdone..(like seven and COH). It's kinda sick to see everyone wearing them.....there are plenty of denim out there that still look fantastic and aren't in everyone's wardrobes.
  7. geez. I keep forgetting. I do apologize............I am a guy........and men's armani clothing is completely different from women's...ugh I forget i'm in a women's forum :push: for women's it really has not been a trendsetter..............
  8. Haha. Definitely true. I do appreciate your point of view though!
  9. Jesoon, thanks for your comments. I have tried on more expensive jeans such as Seven, Rock & Republic, Paige denim, Juicy Couture, and Joe's Jeans, but never bought them. For some reason, those trendy jeans don't work for me because the main reason being the length is too long (I'm short at 5'2). I never alter my jeans and hate to do so. I buy whatever jeans that fits. Some of my friends buy expensive jeans and I don't think it makes much difference on them, I think the price of $115 for Armani jeans isn't too bad because it fits well. The basic Seven jeans makes my butt sag, the logo sits too low on the pocket and Joe's Jeans accentuates my behind to look bigger than it does. I buy jeans from American Eagle Outfitters, Ann Taylor Loft petites, Express, Sun Pacwear and find the cut much better on me.
  10. I love Armani jeans. I have about a half a dozen pairs. I've tried about every designer (and non) jean in the world-- and for my shape, Armani just fit. I'm about 5'3" and the short length is perfect for me when I wear heals. I too hate to get jeans shortened.
  11. Oh ok...u forgot the most critical and important detail that you just posted...see fit is the most important. It doesn't matter what the brand is and how good the quality is and how hip it is....u gotta go with what fits the best. Stick to AX jeans then :smile:

    I have a bit of a secret.........my hips are wider and my butt is a lil' bigger for a guy.........so i'm uber picky on what pants I buy cuz if I buy the wrong one...my butt looks about 1.5X bigger....so I totally understand where ur coming from.

    I used to buy specific brands of pants regardless of quality b/c of this issue....and I know how it feels. But with americans getting fatter and fatter year over year most designers made pants that fit on me pretty decently.....or did I just lose weight?....
  12. Agree! I think too many people now days care about brands rather than what looks best on them.

    I read an article a couple of years back that many guys were starting to buy women's jeans because they just fit better. This makes sense, especially if the guy likes the jeans tight. Just the other day I saw a guy in the subway wearing the Exact same Diesel jeans as the ones I have. Looked great on him - not woman-ish at all!
  13. i love armani exchange, especially their sweaters and hoodies. im a dude btw. :tup: