what do you think of animal print bags?

  1. is it too overwhelming or makes a bold statement to a plain outfit? or is it cute and edgy at the same time?
  2. I like animal print personally- but I think it's such a bold piece that it should be worn with a simple outfit- say a simple one-color tee, jeans, plain flats and an animal print bag. Same thing with animal print shoes. I saw this lady wearing a simple, professional outfit and 4 inch killer leopard print heels and I said WOW!:tup: she looked hot!
    I'm liking the new D&G fall animal bags. LOVED the LV Damier Sauvage bags from a few years ago- stunning.
  3. I love animal print bags. I don't own one yet. I agree with fashionista - wear it with a simple outfit.
  4. I love the pony hair & zebra bags as long as they are on a classic shape.
  5. I love animal print bags

  6. Animal Print has never really been my thing, but if you like it, go for it. As far as what to wear with it, I think it is really bold to wear with any outfit, but it can play up a boring thing you may have to wear to the office. Prints can always offer a break from the norm!
  7. I like leopard prints, but only some, some prints just look ugly, Dolce and Gabbana and LV make them well. I would probably wear all black with an animal print, shoes or bag, not both.
  8. Love! :tup: I like it in splashes though, like shoes, a handbag, or maybe a scarf. I would not wear an animal print dress.
  9. I love the leopard corners on the LV bags that were out earlier this year .. and Ferragamo had a lot of animals on some of their past designs .. I dont have any but would be fun to have one! ... omg I can't believe that Spy bag -- thats too fun!
  10. animal print can sometimes looks trashy...others can look classy.(like LV's)..i think it depends on the bag.
  11. I love it on shoes yet hate it on bags. I can't explain why because I don't know why!:confused1: Just a strange preference I guess. :smile:
  12. Same with me. I tend to gravitate towards snake prints.
  13. personally i don't think i could carry off an animal print bag, but i have to say that when i see women carrying them i think they look great!
  14. I think it looks great/sexy in SMALL doses. And one print at a time, please! Otherwise you wind up looking like a streetwalker. You have to be pretty confident to carry it off though; not sure I could, but yea to those of you who can!
  15. I like animal print, as long as it is with a simple outfit.