What do you think of a Red Madison Flap?

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  1. I just bought a red madison flap on ebay. I kind of have second thoughts about it. Should i sell it or keep it? Or should i get a dark red jumbo from fall? I am not really a fan of the new red on the jumbo. but i thought the red on the madison is really nice. I have been looking for a red chanel for ages. and the red jumbo are so hard to find and soooo expensive.

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  2. Love the red color, it's really nice.

    Did you know we actually called this the "weenus" last year? LOL.
  3. I am not crazy about it at all
  4. I love it - but didn't get it b/c it's too small for me. Beautylicious - too funny, I had no idea it was called the "weenus!" (took me a lil while to get it but now I do) :censor:
  5. ^ Funny, isn't it?! I'm positive a few threads will come up when you use that as a search key word :amuse:
  6. weenus! lol i dont know if its wut im thinkin of though but if it is thats kinda funny. you dont sound that happy on getting this flap though as much as the flap its so nice, you shouldnt get a bag just because red are so seasonal and so expensive to get afterwards, i like the bag but you dont sound that happy on getting it, so its a keeper only if you really love it.
  7. ^ It's exactly what you are thinking of. Lol. That fact makes me giggle a bit whenever I see this bag.:lol: I think it's cute though.
  8. Yes i really like the color. but the style is a little outdated.
  9. I think it is cute. Keep it until you find the perfect red bag.
  10. I think it is really cute!
  11. I think it's cute and worth keeping. :yes:
  12. I can't help it, it still reminds me of a droopy weenus.
  13. i don't really like it.. not a fan of the big umm.. strap(?) thing in the middle.
    LOL @ weenus. looking at the middle thing and thinking of 'weenus', its kinda makes sense. haha :nuts:
  14. LOL! I will never look at it the same way again! :nuts:
    I still think it's pretty though! :shame:
  15. I like the red color too. I don't realy like the chains around the edges of the flap.