What do you think of a gold signet ring?

  1. I've always wanted a beautiful signet ring. My 25th anniversary is coming up and I want to get one for myself and husband. Any ideas as to plain or fancy? Also, what do you think about for me wearing it as a pinky ring? I usually hate pinky rings, but are signet rings the exception? (for my husband it would not be a pinky, I hate a pinky ring on a guy).
  2. I have one from graduate school in onyx and gold that I wear on the ring finger of my right hand. Most women I see in Europe wear them on the pinky finger. The right one with beautiful hand engraving can be gorgeous.
  3. i don't care for the pinky but if you can find a good engraver i think it would be a superb anniversary gift.

    i would do monogram on front and have inscription inside with a surprise stone that would be significant for you and your husband.

    every year at christmas i say i am going to get matching signet rings for my daughter and her husband but never have.

    please let us know what you do. i am really interested.
  4. i just remembered the john christian site and took a look. their signet rings look nice and if you haven't looked at their site you may want to. their posey rings are also interesting. hth
  5. I have a signet ring with our family crest on it. I wear it on my right hand ring finger. My whole family wears it that way.
  6. My parents are having a ring with our family crest made for me for graduation, and I'll probably wear it left hand ring finger. My Dad wears the crest on his right hand ring finger.
  7. I do love pinky rings. I wear a gold signet ring I bought several years ago.I saw pictures of Nancy Sinatras ring she wore on her pinky and wanted one just like it.So I love my signet ring and more of you women should wear them, there not just for men.:woohoo:
  8. My dad had a signet ring that he got instead of his high school ring but my mom and dad lost everything in a fire after they got married, so I never got to see it :sad:
  9. Signet rings are lovely...you have to find the perfect one for you.

    (I treasure mine)