What do you think of a bag in rouge vif chevre?

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  1. Is this a Rockerchic must have? What have been your experiences with it? Any pictures of your goodies are more than welcomed!
  2. ^^It is a Rockerchic must have :p. One of my favorite colors apart from raisin and chocolate.
  3. Hi RC... haven't seen you in a while.

    Rouge Vif is TDF but I have no experience with cherve. Do you usually wear red though?
  4. I don't. I wear alot of neutrals though so I thought a pop of red might be a good thing. Not sure how rouge vif looks in chevre though. I saw it in croc and it was amazing.
  5. Hmmm or lizard in a 25cm with RH :graucho:

    I think red is an amazingly versatile colour and looks particularly great with denim.
  6. It is so hot! My agenda is Rouge Vif in chevre mysore. It is such a hot color- definitely not for the timid! Where is 24, she is the queen of Rouge VIF!
  7. Rouge Vif is not a pop of red in Chevre...........it's a NEON SIGN! LMAO!!!!! Ok.......all kidding aside. I'm the LAST person to answer this question since I am a neutral girl from day one but it might just be that special red you're looking for ROCKER. It will certainly be bright in Chevre so it might be a good idea to try to see something IRL before you commit.

    I always love seeing pictures of women wearing all black and then they're carrying a Potiron Kelly or a Fushia Birkin. I wish I could be like those ladies!!!!
  8. Hmmm.....don't know if I'm ready for neon sign status! :smile:
  9. [​IMG]

    From the reference thread...for those of you who have this color/leather combo, is this pretty true to color?
  10. RC, I don't know about chevre per se but rouge vif is very very bright. I have it in clemence. I think it's a great color, but personally, I like it best in a small bag...
  11. LMAO!!!!! I'm just kidding, ROCKER........that's how I would feel but you know me. I can't operate out of my box......black, brown, Rouge H and that's about all I can handle!!!!
  12. In clemence, it is a true, bright red. Very little in the way of blue or orange undertones. Just really, really red.
  13. Hmmm, not sure if I am ready for that then...but I am dying for chevre...what does everyone suggest?
    fuschia (even more of a neon sign, right?)
    Ok, what should I set my sights on in chevre?
  14. would, say, a HAC 32 be too large with this dose of color?
  15. The photo you posted above is lovely--
    I think colors do pop in chevre--so if you are going for a Birkin in chevre, pick a bright color and do it in a 30...I would choose rouge vif or fuchsia from what you have listed above...