What do you think of $3,295 Lucy tote? Is it worth?

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  1. Hi,

    I have been away from Chloe for a while. My last purchase was Paraty in 2009. I paid about 1800 + tax at the time. I have been content with my collection since then until recently. My taste and life style changed and I sold some of my bags I no longer used or not fit into my current lifestyle.
    Well...suffice to say, I am on a hunt for some new bags to replenish my stock :smile: One of my missions is to find some practical understated small-to-medium-sized day bag. I considered Celine phantom and found out later that it's quite heavy and a tad too big. I loved Celine new 'edge' bag and shocked by $3600 price tag. (you have to see how small and simple the bag is)
    All right ...I moved on and stumbled upon Lucy Tote from Net-A-Porter (http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/322280). I was in love. I expected to see the price somewhere in $2k range. I couldn't be more wrong. Even the clutch version is $2,995. More expensive than Paraty Python. Is there something special with 'Lucy' Line that I am not aware of? The price range seems off.

    I still dream of it but it might not be in my budget for everyday bag.
  2. I like but of course you have to love it especially at that price :smile:
    It says textured calf I might like it more if it was a smooth box calf

    Do you have a current Chloe S.A. that can send you more pics and
    Explain more what makes it so pricey?
    I have the most wonderful woman if you want you can pm.
  3. *bump* Do any tpfers have the Lucy bag? Would love to hear their input! A pic from Barneys: