What Do You Think? New Fendi Bag

  1. [​IMG] A model displays a bag as part of Fendi's Spring/Summer 2007 women's collections during Milan Fashion Week September 28, 2006.
  2. Please don't hate me, but ...."UGLY"!!!
  3. Yeah, I don't much care for it.
  4. I like the shape but I don't need big bold letters on my bag. That cheapens it, IMO.
  5. I don't like the big bold letters either.
  6. I think its FUN!!!
  7. seriously - are you sure it's FENDI? Just checking.
  8. Uhm...ick? Way too boxy for my tastes. The lettering is a bit overkill as well.
  9. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. i don't fancy it, it is not my cup of tea!
  11. *ugly*
  12. I like it. They look 80s glam rock.
  13. People won't be wondering "Is that bag Fendi?"
  14. Could "FENDI" be any bigger?!?! Yuk!!!
  15. i dont like it... to be honest i hate a bag when the name of the brand embossed on the bag like that.. its not classy at all