What do you think????? Need your opinions and help!!!!

  1. Hey everyone!

    What do you think about this cuff???? Have you seen it in stores? Do you know how much it is? Did it, by any chance, go on sale???? Any piece of info would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!

    (I found this pic on Ebay, so all the rights belong to the ImportedFashionhouse)
  2. I like it, but to be honest with you, it seems quite delicate. I have bought a lot of Chanel's costume jewelry and about half the time I end up coming back with missing stones, etc. The last pair of earrings I bought in Paris and a small pearl, just like that cuff fell off the 3rd or 4th day I used them. I returned them for a pair that seem less delicate.
  3. Oh, really????? Thank you for the info! It does look very delicate but I just LOVE the heart and the bow!!!!!
  4. Im a sucker for hearts and bows too.:flowers: