What do you think makes the outfit, shoes or the bag?


What completes the outfit... fab shoes or fab bag?

  1. Shoes

  2. Bag

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  1. Which would you prefer to complete the outfit.. fab shoes or a fab bag??

    I feel that shoes really make or break the outfit. Shoes totally complete the theme. I think having a nice bag is just an option. Any opinions on this?

    How do you ladies feel about it?
  2. I like to have fab everything, but fab shoes to me complete an outfit.
  3. I'm just the opposite-the purse makes the outfit for me. You can really express yourself and your style with a purse. But I don't have as big an obsession with shoes as I do purses. :smile:
  4. A bag definitely makes or breaks an outfit. You can wear a very basic shoe in a neutral color and it will go unnoticed and not ruin your overall look. However, your bag is right out there all the time. If it's not complimenting your outfit it's destroying it IMO.
  5. :yes:
  6. i think they're both important, but i'd say definitely shoes, also because(even if rarely)even if i don't carry a purse, shoes are always there!!!!:yes:
  7. Shoes definitely make or break the outfit. You could have the most gorgeous outfit on with the prettiest purse in the world, but if you're wearing some ugly shoes... it just ruins it all. If I see someone holding a purse that doesn't match the outfit or is ugly, I just pretend I don't see the purse and look at the person's outfit :amuse: .
  8. Definitely shoes =)
  9. I really hope it's not the shoes, as I'm always in my comfy flip flops!
  10. For me, it's definitely the bag that makes the outfit. Like tapioca, I am always in flip flops =)
  11. in theory....shoes make the outfit. you can lose the purse if you have killer shoes. but i am too much a slave to comfort to stick to that philosophy. :shame:
  12. the bag!;)
  13. shoes definitlely. awful shoes bother me much more than a less than fabulous bag. i had a friend and his gf over for dinner once and couldn't stop staring at her shoes :shame: (not in a good way) they were this pink nylony stiletto things but i don't remember what bag she carried.

    but obviously i'd rather have both!
  14. Both! :biggrin:
  15. I think they are both important... but I think shoes actually outweigh the bag in making the outfit!