What do you think makes a good tPFer?


Oct 6, 2006
What makes you think, "Wow, he/she is really a good poster", or "Wow, he/she really contributes to tPF." ???

For me neatness in their posts.

Things that are messy to me:

No spaces between paragraphs. Or no paragraphs/spaces at all with a huge post.

Sentences without a period, or full stop at the end.

Wrong coding, or screwed up coding.

Telling us more than just a simple answer in regards to the topic. I like when people tell us why they are answering a certain way, and/or tell us a little, (or a big) story.

Commenting, and questioning other people's posts/replies. And even better when the other person comes back to answer/reply to the person who commented, or questioned their post/reply. Someone who is more than just a "hit, and run" type of poster.

Not just answering the opening topic, but posting links, and/or pictures shows that they have took the time to really add to the topic.

I'd love to hear your thoughts?


Ma to the d@mn D-E-A
Jan 27, 2007
I pretty much agree with what you posted.
I dont expect people to be perfect, lord knows Im not nearly perfect, and besides, its just the internet. Although, I do find it annoying when people TypE lIKe tHiS, I want to reach through the screen and choke them! Fortunately, we dont have anyone who types like that on tPF, and the few times I have seen posts like that, other people got on their case pretty quick!


Mar 2, 2007
To me the characteristics of a "good poster" are primarily helpfulness, willingness to welcome new members and answer questions that may seem "dumb" to others, basic civility (don't laugh, there are some serious jerks out there), and taking the time to provide a thoughtful answer instead of just a "jump on the bandwagon" comment like "yeah, what she said" in every thread.

Neatness is important to me personally, but I don't really feel that it has a bearing on whether someone is a "valuable" forum member or not. To me the message is more important than the delivery--though I admit that I find it hard to take certain types of "typing styles" seriously at all. I am far less likely to pay attention to someone whose messages include shorthand like ppl, plz, k?, sup, etc. If that person did have a valid point, though, I'd like to try to give them the benefit of the doubt and look past the communication style.


Feb 6, 2007
It is a forum after all and no one is supposed to be so perfect (no one is perfect period; plus bear in mind the many TPFers from other countries where English is not their first spoken language) like writing a book and needing that editor to correct every sentence.

This forum is for enjoyment and fun for everyone or we'll chance many TPFers not wanting to return for being CENSURED for being NOT perfect.

Freedom of expression is a hard thing to come by and a great thing to have. Or why do we even support the ARTS here by buying the designers? Why are we even expressing ourselves through them?

Just food for thought.


Feb 20, 2007
I like posters who can give good advice about life topics. This means being able to clearly and coherently express your thoughts in a manner that people can understand. I don't mind a few grammatical errors, as it is not an English class, but too many misspellings and runon sentences make me want to skip a post.


Resident Lurker
Apr 1, 2007
I thought it might, too, Cynthia. It's funny (but not entirely surprising) to see that 'typing styles' is a bit of a touchy subject.

I look for kindness and originality in members. I like people who are candid when they post and welcome newcomers. Snark and egos should be checked at the homepage, but that doesn't mean a good tPFer can't debate as well. ...Off the top of my head, users like Florasun, GyrlLayney, MassLaw15, DamierLover, and acshih are really the quintessential tPFers. :yes:

And back to the 'typing styles' thing. Here's the thing: relying on shorthand, txt-tlk and whatnot is a little selfish because it comes with the expectation that everyone is going to understand a particular flavour of slang; slang is cliquish, and so posts with a lot of txt-slang exclude a lot of people by default. Now, you can argue that language is pretty ambiguous no matter what, but I like to see posters who try to keep their replies simple so that everyone can understand them (without urban dictionary) -- especially in a forum where not everyone is native to the language.

Edit: Huong, I totally agree.


Nov 1, 2007
I agree with the part about making the posts readable, with paragraph breaks, capitolizations, proper punctuations, ect. It just makes it easier to read and understand when done in a style we all can read comfortably, especially for many of us who read posts for hours on end.

I tend to give advice based on something that happened in my personal life... although "socially" many of you and I are worlds apart, many of our problems are very simular. I never thought I would live to see the day when I was the "old woman" in the group, and never ever did I think my experiances would help others, but it has!

(Forgive the randomness of this post, I'm trying to think here!)

A perfect PFer also reads well into a post. Asks questions if they don't understand, doesn't call the others names, and doesn't say things like "Well, I'D never do it like that!" A good PFer realizes and respects that we all didn't come from the same background, the same coookie-cutter life, and we can learn from one another.

And I agree, not all of the abbreviations used are understandble by everyone... countless threads I've seen posts that just ask "What does ----- mean?" PERSONALLY, IN MY HUMBLE OPINION, I feel it's best to take the extra mili-second to spell it out and leave the abbreviations for text messages or emails with friends... who know who could have ansered your questions if they could only understand what you had to say?

And please... PARAGRAPHS! Especially in long posts... makes it easier, SO much easier to read.


Vegas Long Legs

Nov 13, 2006
Gotta ask a question. What is meant by wrong or screwed up coding? I might be guilty of it since I don't know what it is.

I like to be entertained - hey I live in Vegas! There are some very witty women on here. Love the good natured bantering. I know you can't let the ones who end up getting banned be abusive for long but we have some ladies on here that can stand up for themselves. That tampon thread is hilarious!


Jan 12, 2006

To me it's definitely sincerity.

For example, I hate to see 4 pages of "Welcome to tPF - it's bad for your wallet!:P" in one person's post history because anyone can plainly see they're simply copying and pasting a canned comment to people.
This is not sincere or thoughtful, this is called beefing your post count, which doesn't win anyone here any awards. . . look at mine!
I can't hold spacing between paragraphs or other technical things against people, some of our sweetest, most sincere members don't ever capitalize or seperate paragraphs, that's not a reflection of their character to me or their worthiness here.


Dec 18, 2006
I have horrible spelling skills, please don't hold it against me. I was taught "whole language" in school and I totally blame my short comings as a speller on that. I love all the funny women (and guys) on here! I do have a hard time with text speak though, most likely because I can't sound it out(whole language again).