What Do You Think: LV Pochette Accessoires vs. Dior Logo Saddle Pouch

  1. Sometimes I only need something for a cell phone and wallet. Both are the same price ($250). Which would you chose?


  2. I'm partial to dior saddles. They seem a bit less common too, at least here :biggrin:
  3. The mini sac in the picture looks fake. Can you believe that? Louis Vuitton of all designers putting up a fake on eluxury. You can sort of tell because the patina is a weird color and the LV is cut off on the side. But the other is great. Thanks, I didn't even see that one.
  4. The mini sac on eluxury isn't fake, it's most likely an older model or a prototype. Also how is the patina a weird color? It looks fine to me.

    Anyways, back to your original inquiry, I vote for the Dior saddle pouch because it's less common than the pochette. Plus I think it's cute ;)
  5. The patina looks too peach. They have put a fake on eluxury before. The Manhattan PM bag. The print was different on eluxury from the real one.
  6. A third option:

    Louis Vuitton Anne-Sophie

  7. That was a prototype bag that eluxury took pictures of, not a fake. The MC Shirley in the recent ad campaigns with Uma is another example of prototypes being photographed before the official model hits the boutique shelves; the canvas alignment is different but that doesn't mean that the ad campaign is fake.

    Ohhh if the anne-sophie is an option, my vote goes for that. Such beautiful bags, do update once you decide! :nuts:
  8. oh, thank you for clarifying that point.
  9. Shop Rodeo eLuxury does not put fakes on their website. I do not know what you mean the print was different but I can assure you that they are trustworthy and sell nothing but the best.

    As for your question neither of the first two options, I like the black LV clutch as swedie suggested, it is more unique.
  10. I hope you didn't think that I thought that eluxury sells fakes. That's not what I meant. Now that mello_yello_jen clarifyed it, what I was trying to say was that they used a prototype instead of the official model. But again, I know that eluxury sells the authentic products only.

  11. Older model or not they all come with the same leather color.
  12. I just don't like the color of the leather in the picture, but hey, pictures are deceiving:biggrin:
  13. I agree, pictures are definitely deceiving :biggrin: Are you inching towards any one of the three bags you're deciding on yet? That anne-sophie is really something ;)
  14. I have to see some other pictures of the anne-sophie first.