What do you think ladies for this Gucci "Positano"

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  1. Price-$275
    This large tote is made of white leather and that famouse Gucci tan fabric!

  2. priced at $275??? must be a fake..
  3. i think is Authenticate !:shrugs:
  4. You should post under Authenticate this but I would say it is fake. I also see one of the black cards in the picture.
  5. and is it just me, or does the scarf look odd?

    if not mannn thats a steal!
  6. Can't be real for that price. The scarf looks off to me too.
  7. too good to be true w/ that price.
  8. Black controllato card = fake. Not to mention it's a $1,350 bag. Post in "Authenticate this Gucci" thread, the girls are very helpful.
  9. Fake!!!!!!
  10. Looks fake - the leather looks odd, like cardboard.
  11. super cute!
  12. fakey fake
  13. CLOSING..This should be posted in the AUTH THIS thread please!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.