What do you think Ksubi/Tsubi Supper Skinny Zip Hacienda black?


Ksubi or JBrand?

  1. Ksubi

  2. J Brand

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  1. Recently I had my eyes on a pair of Ksubi supper skinny jeans in black and J Brand 12" pencil in black. Have any one tries any one of them? What do you think of it? I personally prefer Ksubi since J brand is 34" inseam, which is kind of longer for me, but JB looks very good in the second picture.
    The first picture is Ksubi and the last two is J Brand.
    ksubi.jpg JBRA-WJ36_V1-BIG.jpg DSC_0169_full.jpg
  2. I agree with you on the Jbrand looks better in the 2nd picture, Jbrand are real cute!:tup:
  3. it is always best to go try on these two brands in person even if it is not the same style because each brand fits differently. i love both but it is all about the fit.
  4. As my username suggest, I love Ksubi! :yahoo:The fit is great, but I've never tried JBrand so I can't compare. Like most brands though, you need to try them on for yourself! Something that I think flatters me, might not be the same for you.

    Here's more pics of the black jeans: