What do you think/know is under your tree?!

  1. So Christmas is rapidly approaching... what do you think or know is under the tree?!?!

    I'll start... I have a White Ali waiting for me!!!! :yahoo: :wlae:

    I also think I have something new from T&Co...

    Love the BF :love: :lol: :p
  2. I have no clue... It's in a big box and my DH always has something up his sleeve. He probably put it in a bigger box to throw me off. :lol:

    I asked for a Speedy 30.. Tiffany.. a coach watch... and a digital SLR.... We'll see if it's any of these things.. hahaha
  3. Since in latin countries we have Xmas and Three kings day (we exchange gifts on both days) mine are diveded. I know I have some LV, Coach and other things. I have no idea what they are or what I'm getting when!!!!
  4. I am getting a black leather Ali, magenta heart luggage charm/tag and a legacy scarf, also probably my Star Magazine subscription renewed since I simply cannot live without that. I look forward to it every week.
  5. I have a LV BH under the tree.....my large black/gunmetal tote, matching wallet, penguign and skull keyfobs and Taryn sunglasses are all *supposed* to be under the tree:shame: but I bribed my kids and they told DH that I should get to use them now...lol.
    Ohhhhhhhh it's sooo fun being bad!!
  6. I'm getting a Tiffany bracelet, a Coach Keychain, either a Coach gc or a signature tote, and a bunch of housewares and linens.
  7. Well! My DH is pretty sneaky, but I am even MORE sneaky than him!!! HAHA! So....
    I am pretty sure I have under my tree, from Coach: the black/gunmetal sig stripe tote, matching zip-around wallet, matching wristlet, Peony sunnies, from other places: a down filled vest, some platinum hoop earrings, and that's all I know about so far...lol... :yahoo: Cannot WAIT for Christmas morning so they are MINE! ALLLLLLLL MINE!!!!!!! HA! :graucho:
  8. I have no idea because the Coach Carly I wanted, I bought as an early Christmas gift to myself since I had a coupon. I didn't ask for anything because I have everything that I want but my fiancee is so exicted to give me what he bought me...I wonder....
  9. I know I have the Legacy Thompson Hobo in Ink for sure. As for other items, I really have no idea. I asked for a PSP, think that might be under there and the Birth Of Modern Luxury Louis Vuitton book too but other than that, i'm usually surprised! I think it will be a good Christmas!!
  10. I know I have T&Co. and some sort of Coach from the BF, and I know I'm getting the Signature Gallery Tote in black also :smile:

    Black Freshwater Pearl earring, necklace, and bracelet set, movies, video games, and lots of Florida Gator gear from the parents. I asked for an iTouch iPod also

    Carly from myself :smile: And I got my momma the skull keyfob
  11. My Christmas present to myself is a Bleecker Leather Capacity wristlet in British tan...but it's not under the tree. It's on its way in the mail. My friend (hey Parus!) picked it up for me at PCE.

    Other than that, there isn't anything very exciting. Just a knife set for my husband and I from my mom, which I know about since I had to wrap it myself, LOL. She bought it when I was visiting her in the fall and gave it to me early to take home so that she wouldn't have to mail it.
  12. Coach Cashmere Tattersall Muffler (i think), brain age 2, and a Glen Ivy Spa GC. :->
  13. Coach Faith boots (I bought them and wrapped them lol)
    Victoria's Secret stuff (saw the bag)
    Bath & Body Works stuff (puppy unwrapped my gift)
    something from Ulta (saw the bag)
    Coach Jenni sunglasses
    Coach pink sig ponytail scarf
    Coach BCRF charm

    everything else is a mystery...
  14. Everyone is getting fantastic presents! I wish my Christmas haul was that good.

    I had a small wishlist, but I know for sure DH got me a Fendi Mama Zucca bag (got this for myself and told DH to wrap it, lol), Spanish Coach and Word Coach for the DS, Love Spell VS lotion stuffs, and probably something from my Coach accessories wishlist (either the skull key fob, C charm, or sig stripe wristlet).

    I don't know what else he got me since he decided to hide everything in the trunk of the car once he saw that the first stash of presents he hid from me was disturbed. :p
  15. I know I have coach body lotion, from my sis...