What do you think is this Chanel bag?

  1. hey girlies,

    just wanted to get your opinion on this bag. i love this bag in white, but i'm wondering if it's too trendy for the price. i believe it retails for $2,195. does anyone have this bag? is it easy to care for? i don't know if i should get it or not. would you buy it?

    thanks for your help!
    chanel bag.jpg
  2. Oh what bag is that? Looks really cute! =)
  3. i have that bag it is called the round bowler and i absolutely love it ... even more than the cabas ... very unique- fits a ton of stuff and always has a unique shape ... the price was 16,000 hong kong dollars which is about 2,000 us
  4. Oh it is so beautiful! Do you have any pictures of it? The one above is too small. Does it come in other colours apart from black and white? It is a stunner!
  5. I think it's beautiful and you should get it! =) Although I can't really tell from that tiny picture...
  6. dancing_queen: it comes in white, brown, and a orangeish-tan color (?). it's currently being sold in stores right now. sorry, but i can't seem to find any other pictures of it.