What do you think is the most sought after Coach bag?

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  1. What do you think is the most sought after Coach bag?:drool:
  2. Carly! :tup:
  3. I think Large Ergo Hobos. Especially in Turquoise. :drool:
  4. Non limited edition, sought after, and reasonably priced bags I would vote for the Carly. I see every other person carrying one, so I think it's the most popular (at least in my area). I also would like to get a leather Carly, but they have not released a color I like. Actually I so like the chili and dark brown, but I would prefer contrasting leather trim and strap rather than the same color as the bag body. I do have the patchwork Carly, though, but it's not nearly as elegant since it's a patchwork design and doesn't have the turnlocks...

    As for more salty sought after bags.. I had a fit till I got my "dream bag", which was the Lily, but I have to say I like my Abbeys SO much more than my Lily! Definitely not worth the $1200 price tag to me, although I do think it's a beautiful bag (especially the Atlantic color).

    I also think Indigowaters has a point...the ergos are also very popular, as is the Madeline currently.
  5. Ali!
  6. Among the normal crowd, probably Carly or the Sig Stripe or Gallery Totes. Between all of the Coach fanatics...Ali, Legacy bags, patent or pink anything! (haha).
  7. Maybe Carly!
  8. For me.... the chevron hobo...:drool:
  9. ERGO!!!! By ME!!!! LOL
  10. i would think the ali's
  11. here - berry carly :smile:

    though not so much seeking to be had..

    I really don't know. It seems like there is sooo much to choose from that there isn't just a couple bags that are really highly sought after (like I feel the Chanel Cambon is in around here / Chicago).
  12. Carly!
  13. I would have to say the Ali, Legacy Shoulder bag or the Signature Stripe Totes in Punch are highly sought after.
  14. carly!!
  15. Carly and Ali :smile: