What do you think is the heaviest LV bag?

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  1. Excluding luggage pieces?

    I think its the Babylone! I just filled my speedy 30 with a jacket, a water bottle, key, cles, and wallet, and its only slightly heavier than the Babylone when its empty! :cursing:
  2. Suhali... they've got the most hardware :yes:
  3. I think my Suhali Le Fabuleux and my MC White Speedy 30 are among my heavier bags.
  4. MC speedy..and Manhattan GM
  5. MC speedy definitely!!!!
  6. By far my older style Babylone with the cowhide lining too! It's such a pretty bag - fits great on the shoulder - but darn the thing is heavy!
  7. Multicolor speedy or the manhattan GM
  8. The Manhattan for sure!
  9. Suhali Lockit GM! My aunt has one and it's REALLY MASSIVE.
  10. MC Speedy.
    It is heavy empty!
  11. Oskar FOR SURE!:biguns:
  12. manhattan
  13. Hudson GM.
  14. Second! :yes: :yes: :yes:
  15. My Montsouris GM backpack is heavy! (or maybe it's all the stuff I cram into it hmm....)