what do you think is the cutest Damier wallet

  1. I'm thinking of getting a Damier wallet to go with my Damier bags.
    Which one do you guys like the best, I'm leaning towards the Koala....the red interior is soooo cute!!
  2. koala is the way to go :smile: i love the shinny hardware!!
  3. i like the Koala too, and it looks so pretty with the red lining
  4. I like the new Brazza wallet and the Ludlow
  5. Koala!
  6. Do you know how much the Brazza wallet is? Its not on elux. Thanks
  7. I think Koala is adorable and seems practical too. I love my change purse (not Koala) also.
  8. If I was going to get an LV wallet my first choice would be Koala - love the clasp and the contrasting lining!
  9. i love the brazza too
  10. the brazza wallet is £220 in the UK
  11. its about 450.00 usd
  12. go for the koala! :yes:
  13. I like Koala. Its red lining looks very pretty and it has 9 card slots.
  14. bb10lue has the Brazza/Brazzar and I am pretty sure Classic Chich has it too
  15. bb10lue- I hope you dont mind that I am using ur pics :shame: