What do you think is the best LV bag?

  1. I have a few and am looking to get another...just wanted your expert opinions and suggestions for the next purchase ;)

    What do you think is the best LV style, print & size?
  2. I think it totally depends on your style! I love the LV monogram, multicolor, cerises, and mini styles. I personally don't like damier, but some ladies on this forum love it, and some ladies hate the multicolor. As far as which bag to get, I'm personally eyeing these two. Good luck with your LV bag search! :P
    p10903641_ph_hero.jpg p10804571_ph_hero.jpg
  3. I love the Vernis and Suhali lines. They speak sophisticated with an edge to me, and go so well from day to night. :amuse:
  4. I love the ostrich with monogram leather bag in the fall runaway.. it's gorgeous..
  5. I love both the monogram and damier canvas. The Suhali line is gorgeous, but so expensive! I'm not a big fan of the multicolor.

    I love the Manhattan PM, the second photo USCgerl posted :love:
  6. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I own a monogram canvas backpack, epi leather Lussac, multicolor mini hl, and cerises pochette---four different styles. They all have their drawbacks. The regular monogram canvas style can be too plain sometimes. The regular epi leather is very stiff. The multicolor in white is a dirt magnet. The cerise can look like a kiddie bag with the characters, but gives the plain monogram canvas a little personality.

    Regardless of the matter, my heart will always belong to my first LV, the monogram canvas ellipse backpack. It's practical when I am shopping; has a great style; and comfortable and durable when in use. :love:

    Andreax716, keep us posted on your final choice.
  7. I now love the vienna collection, here is a close up of my mizi!:love:
    more handbags 004.jpg more handbags 011.jpg more handbags 017.jpg
  8. I really like the monogram canvas, because to me it's a classic. I have the Batignolles Horizontal (my first LV bag and the one I use the most :love: ) a Speedy 30, and recently bought a Petit Bucket which is great for weekends. If they get the Damier Speedy in the LV boutiques here in the states next year, I might have to get one. :nuts:

  9. Wow...I love those!:love: I've never seen them until now.:shame:
  10. I loveeee your Mizi!!! It is so sophisticated and elegant. :love:
  11. I second that. The Mizi is gorgeous.
  12. Don't mean to show off but check this beauty out! It was on the runway...:love:
    Picture 012.jpg Picture 011.jpg
  13. This is a BEAUTIFUL bag! I LOVE IT!
  14. [​IMG]

    That's a LV? Daaaaaamn!

    Is this new for the Spring 2006 collection? I have not seen this one before.
  15. I own a speedy 30, papillion 30, and LV luggage...

    The best LV by far is the SPeedy 30!! Great for any kind of use and actually comfortable on your arm.