what do you think is the BEST l.a.m.b. bag?

  1. and why?

    (any pictures appreciated)


  2. Carlisle!!!!
  3. I think Mandeville is pretty perfect. Big enough to fit my stuff in there (incl dslr camera) and small enough that is doesn't rip my arms out of their sockets! :biggrin:

    Prints? Cheetah, Rasta and Plaid will always be the best imo
  4. Well, it depends on what you mean. For practicality, I'd say the best one I have is the Kensington Halloway, it's a shoulder bag (few LAMBs are!), is a good size, has lots of pockets, and is a style/color/print that can go through the seasons!

    (picture is dark, sorry)

    If you mean like quintessential LAMB, I'd say anything in the Saddle, Rasta, and Silver prints are must-haves!
  5. I second the mandeville. It is the only shape in which I own three. The alston is second on my list. (I own two).
  6. I think that the Alston & Williamsfield bags are the most practical size/shapes for women. I've always thought the Mandeville looked too small (I like big bags, though).

    As I am a male, I really enjoy the Devon, Alston, and Grantham. I want an Eton Duffle, though!
  7. The best would be the saddle mandeville.
  8. Madeville gets my vote. Any of the colors, but especially saddle or rasta.

    The shape is classic and the size really works.
  9. Ughh so hard to choose! For everyday use I love the Dorset Covey, I have it in black so it goes with everything, it has 3 sections and it's HUGE so you can lug around everything you need. It has the option of 2 straps so you can wear it on your arm or over your shoulder (although the leather handles fit comfily over my shoulder too) - handy for keeping your hands free for shopping etc. Did I mention that it's huge??

    But for a pop of color and really original style I agree with you girls, you can't really go past a Mandeville in Rasta!
  10. I am a shoulder-bag-only chick, so I would say, for me, it's the LAMB Oxford. I have one in silver & cheetah and love them both! It is heavy, but it has 3 separate zipper compartments and keeps me super organized! :smile:
  11. I really like the Wiltshire in smoke. The downfall is that there is only one inside pocket.
  12. This is a toughie! I got to think about it and get back to you all.
  13. alston and the capri roma
  14. Rasta St. Thomas and Kensington Sutton.
  15. vanilla off beat hobo i run it into the ground :sad: