what do you think is the best decision you've ever made for your career?

  1. or the worst?
  2. I moved across the country. I left Michigan almost 11 years ago and came to San Francisco. Best decision I ever made, personally and professionally. I can't imagine what my life would have been like if I didn't move, especially given the economy in Michigan now. Thank goodness!
  3. Well... I moved to a different state which enabled me to go to the #1 public university in New England.

    Also, I am moving to Oklahoma in 6 weeks, 27 hours away, 1600+miles away to attend law school. Hopefully I will be very pleased w/ that decision when I am done!
  4. Staying in it after the first year of hell!! :yes:
  5. selling everything I could and moving 600 miles away to start working because I was having trouble getting certified in my home state. It took me 3 years after moving to finally pass the cert test to work in Louisiana so all that three years I would have still been busting butt in school and working full-time at a job I hate instead of making money in my chosen career.
  6. I finally let go of my original dreams and made peace with the fact that I'll never be able to do what I wanted to do.

    That allowed me to use my creativity and resourcefulness to come up with some new plans. I believe I'm on Plan F, but this one is working well and with some work will bring me fairly close to the objective of Plan A.
  7. Getting professionally certified in my current line of work. It was a huge milestone for me to pass that freakin' test! :sweatdrop:
  8. This may seem weird or harsh to some people but my best decision was leaving my ex. He was holding me back in a lot of ways and when I left him I went back to school and have gotten so much farther on my own then when I was with him. I am really close to getting my degree and have set my goals even higher (knowing I can achieve them) to get a masters in nursing.
  9. My worst career decision was taking part in Go To Work Drunk and Nude Day...I got a few write-ups for that.

    LMAO ;)
  10. starletta and coachmama, kudos to you!! it takes so much courage to make tough decisions, whether it's reinventing your goals or leaving your ex... :woohoo:

    i'm like kidlearner, my best career decision was to stay and suck it up during a year of hell - now things are going much better!
  11. I took the plunge...accepted a position I didn't think I was ready for...turned out to be the best thing I ever did!
  12. putting my career in the least of my priorities is i think the best decision i've made...i think the life of my career before and i was in such a bind when i got pregnant but when i decided that my family esp my kids are much more important than my career i felt some sort of freedom...now i am simply enjoying my work but i am not slaving to be the best anymore...as it turns out you give best results when you're enjoying your work rather than being harassed and pressured at proving yourself...make sense?