What do you think is Princess Diana's greatest achievement?

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    I thought I'd ask, since today is her 46th birthday.
    (And the Concert for Diana at Wembley Stadium airs today.)

    To me, there's no one thing that stands out to me, because she did so many wonderful things:

    She didn't contribute to the stigma that those suffering from HIV were dirty and they must never be touched. She hugged them, she shook their hands.

    Because of her there's been more of an awareness of the death and devastation caused by landmines. Now, the United States is starting to rethink their policies regarding landmines.

    She demystified the Royals. She was a very hands on mother who wanted her children to live as normal lives as possible. She took them to amusement parks. They waited in line and paid for tickets. She raised her sons to recognize the importance of charity work.
  2. She cheated on her husband. That's not princess-like.
  3. Charles wasn't exactly the best spouse in the world, either.

    The marriage was pretty much over before the divorce.

    I don't want to bash Charles, so I will just say that it was a bad marriage for them both.
  4. Raising two amazing sons that are the only thing the Royal family can be proud of.
  5. ^ Charles was pretty much into Camilla again from early stages of the marriage. and judging by centuries of royals - yes, cheating was very much a big thing of royalty....

    I think she has done a lot of good, although I feel sad that she didn't get the chance to conquer her own demons. also, judging by what her children say she was an awesome mum and that is always an achievement in itself.
  6. I think a lot of people I know are too young to know the answer to this question (I know all my sister's friends are bewildered at her press coverage)...by the time I heard about her, it was mostly hearing about her tragedy. I'd like to know her achievements too because I don't know much about her or why the british media was so obsessed.
  7. hmmm yet its prince like to marry somebody that you are not in love with but is a virgin, hence worthy of sporning future heirs :tdown:

    What a blinkered attitude you have :confused1:, both parties have admitted that it was Charles love for Camilla that blighted their marriage, so how is she to blame? She certainly would not have cheated on the future King of England had he not made it clear he was keeping his relationship with Camilla going :push: I actually do not mind that Charles is now with Camilla, as he certainly seems better suited to her, but to say she cheated on her husband puts equality back years :nogood:
  8. ^^ I liked how he waited a respectable amount of time before marrying Camilla.

    I'm glad Charles and Camilla are happily married.
  9. It was over before the WEDDING. He loved another woman.
  10. Good point. (And she was a GUEST at the wedding . . . although, to be fair, she was married to someone else at the time).

  11. Diana was really and truly "the people's princess". She took on causes that were unpopular at the time, like AIDS, domestic violence, eating disorders and mental illness. She was criticized for hugging a man with AIDS. When she *dared* to refuse to accept that her husband had LIED to her when they got married, she was stripped of her title by his family. (Her son William told her, as she cried about it, "Don't worry, Mummy, I'll give your title back someday when I'm King"- no doubt he will, too.)

    She was only 19 years old when she married Charles and she was just so beautiful that everyone loved her at first sight. She was what everyone thought a Princess should be. She was also the first English woman to marry the Prince of Wales in 300 years, so it was a pretty big deal.

    After she was publicly humiliated by her title being taken away, she became more bold in her public endeavors and became involved in the anti-land mine campaign. She visited several places that were extremely dangerous and held land mind victims who were disfigured. People who dislike Diana often bring up the fact that she suffered from depression and eating disorders. I am not sure anyone could have stood the stress that she did from such a young age, so I don't really feel it is fair to judge her in that way.
  12. again, I think it was more the British public that made him wait! No way would Camilla have been accepted before this, they were just starting to be seen as a couple before Diana's death, but once she died, they stayed super low profile for the next 5 years, nobody would have found charles and camilla being seen in public as palatable. Indeed, it wasnt until princes Harry and William themselves came out and said how happy that Camilla made Charles, that a thawing of affection for Camilla came about. She makes Charles happy bottom line :yes:, but its taken a long time for her to be seen as anything but a marriage breaker.
  13. She married Prince Charles?

    THAT was an achievement.
  14. I think she was a decent woman - IMO at least. She seemed like such a sweet and kind person. Her death was definitley not deserved.
  15. I wouldn't wish him upon ANYONE... :roflmfao: