What Do You Think is Hotter Brunettes or Blondes

  1. I Think Brunettes are hotter :graucho: lol...
  2. Brunettes all the way .... we are much much B E A UTIFUL
  3. Brunettes :graucho:
  4. Are we talking in general, or in the opposite sex??

    I like black hair on the opposite sex lol.

    in general...BRUNETTES ALL THE WAY!!!!:p
  5. Honestly it depends on the person because I have seen gorgeous and fugly people with both hair colors.
    But talking about the opposite sex, I really don't know.. I think I'm fine with both hair colors as long as the guy has a tan. Not like super dark but something about pale skin turns me off. And I'm not a big fan of super curly hair either. I've gotten way off topic. :upsidedown:
    Back to the blonde/brunette thing. I see it this way (well at least with my own gender). Brunettes are sultry. Blondes are bombshell. They're both positive LOL.
  6. I am more of a face, eyes, and smile type of person. If a guy has those features, I don't care what color his hair is. It's hard just to judge hair on color, since there are people with beautiful hair in all colors and people with nasty hair in all colors! Thick and healthy hair is nice no matter what the color.
  7. :rolleyes:
  8. both. (I have hair that is brunette AND blond). :p
  9. I think natural hair colors work best on people... I used to be blond, but since I am not in the sun anymore that much I now have dirty blond/brunette hair, and I think it is fitting! So whatever works
  10. No prefrence here. I like what looks best on each individual.
  11. Eh, whatever works!
  12. I think brunettes are way more exotic looking but there's lots of beautiful blondes. Who cares? There's someone for everyone!
  13. I'm brunette and I know I'm beautiful! hahahah I cannot say blondes aren't because I have blonde girlfriends and they're smooookin hot.. so, to each their own :biggrin:
  14. i'm a blondie .. and i love being a blondie!

    i think .. blonde is hotter! haha!

    but i'm from san diego .. and the whole, beachy .. blonde is far hotter to me! :smile:
  15. On females... I think blonde or brunette looks good. It just depends on how they look all together. But for males, I prefer brunettes. :p