what do you think is a reasonable price for this ring?

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how much would you expect to pay for this ring?

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  2. 4k-5k

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  1. Hi! so this is an update from: http://forum.purseblog.com/the-jewelry-box/help-choosing-between-2-e-ring-designs-632944.html

    okay so I went back to philip press yesterday and upon re-evaluating both rings that i was considering, I decided I actually did like the flower/butterfly side view better for my need for 'unique' things. it's the 4th ring he discusses in his video on his website, custom design section.

    so in terms of design, i ended up deciding most of the #2 ring intact, just with side profile of the band more simple, flat surface with diamonds. on the side of the band view, there's a fleur-de-lis that will be made larger to merge with the single pave band that changes to engravings half way down. (instead of the 3 shank - coming together to become one band as it is in the video.) so in total, the top 1/2 will have 3 sides diamonds with milgrain on the outline of the band, and the bottom 1/2 of the ring will have hand engraving on all 3 sides.

    i''m pretty specific about what i want so i even drew out what i think we were communicating just to be sure.

    now the thing is, i do like a very dainty round halo around the center stone look (from the top view). he says he can add it and it'll be gorgeous, and it'll be so thin from the side profile, really not much will change. which is something i find hesitant to believe since i feel like i'll see a 'ceiling' to the side profile i liked so much and i wonder if that'd block the view in anyway, though if i get a halo it'll be VERY small, dainty halo. (prob around 1pt diameter dimonds all around)

    the metal is 95% platinum for a 1.69 carat round center diamond for a size 4.5-5 ring.

    anyways, so for all this custom designing , and really, this is almost like creating a whole new ring from scratch, and it will be all hand made from scratch, HOW MUCH do you think is reasonable? how much would you pay for such ring?

    though it wasn't AS MUCH as what I feared it might be considering all the changes, for my fiance and i, we find the quote still very expensive :cry: so i was wondering what you guys all think.

    and at the end of the day, it's up to my soon-to-be-fiance to decide if he wants to go with it or shop around more...but if we go to the other route, i won't custom make anything at this time, will probably go with a simple pre-made band. unless you gurus have some other ideas to share with me!!

    anyways, sorry for the incredibly long post and thank you so much in advance!!

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  2. I can take the poll, because of incomplete information? Does the price include the center diamond or any additional melees? What is the spec for the center stone, in terms of cut, color, and clarity? Can't see your photo. What is the design of the ring? Is it simple solitare with engraving along the shank or does it have side melees? Does it have a halo? If so, what are the size and number of melees?
  3. Hi Christi!

    i don't know why the poll might not be working...:sad: i'm new here so maybe i messed up something?

    so the price does NOT include center diamond. just the setting (including diamonds IN the setting - melees, pave)

    our center stone is round brilliant, 1.69 carat, H, VS1, triple Ex on polish, symmetry, and cut. maybe you can see the video on his website? http://philippress.com/index.php?page=designs&vid
    or can you see the images on my other post? http://forum.purseblog.com/the-jewelry-box/help-choosing-between-2-e-ring-designs-632944.html

    it's essentially the4th ring that he shows that's art-deco style ring. the ring he shows is with a huge asschar cut diamond, but obviously ours is going to be smaller and also round. the shank is the butterfly looking thing and it does have diamonds encrusted on them. also there may be halo involved. i don't know what the total carat wt for melee on the ring, but i will have all three sides of top 1/2 of the ring encrusted with diamonds including the shanks, and hand engrave the bottom 1/2.

  4. I know that a designer like Leon Mege would run easily 4-5K for this, and I am not AS familiar with this other designer you are using but I would never pay more than $4500. I know it's a lot of time and work, but that's really what you're paying for, time. Not materials.
  5. Hi Ame!

    So i just recently (today..) realized that the line of his work is called the 'renaissance platinum'. have you heard of them?

    so............I don't wanna reveal his quote yet, so I can see what other people thought, but it's definitely more than what you thought it should cost :-s

    I guess I feel like he has been the best one i've seen so far, and we do deal with the owner himself, and I wonder if his name carries a premium... if we were to negotiate with him on price, how do you think we can do that without offending him? :sad: :sad:
  6. I have not heard of Renaissance Platinum. I have never heard of him at all, which doesn't mean he's not spectacular.

    You can TRY negotiating but more than likely he will either be offended or will tell you that your budget allows only XXXX stuff on the setting and not the full design you worked out. Just know that if you are happy with the design and can afford it, it's worth it. If you cannot afford it, look elsewhere unless you are willing to compromise on the piece. Because most likely he'll not budge on the price as designed but he will tell you to take diamonds from whatever area to make it less pricey. The stones are not the expense. The labor of setting them is.
  7. Oh, no i'm sorry, the stone was already bought from bluenile :biggrin: spectacular sparkler that my fiance picked out & we've gotten them appraised also. so the price he quoted was just for the setting that we designed.

    but yes, i do agree with you in terms of either getting them if we can afford it or not. though i am not completely sure about the halo so that may go (I kind of want to see the wax setting to see if it will detract from the side view that I loved so much, if it does, halo is definitely getting thrown out, which will bring down the price substancially)

    but overall, I think my fiance needs some time to think over the price, and it's really up to him to decide if we can afford it or not. he's put down quite a bit for the stone already and I guess we weren't sure how much we were willing to pay for the setting yet. :-S
  8. I know you have your center stone. I am talking about the little melee that is set IN the setting.

    Just make sure there isn't a major charge for a new wax/redesign post-wax. That will add up fast.

    I am curious now what the quote was. Really you just have to decide if you love that design enough to pay that price. If not, keep looking.
  9. Custom design is expensive to begin with because you are making one of a kind as opposed to spreading the cost over several. Than you have all that intricate detail and on top of that it is made out of platinum. I would say in addition to all that you would want a good jeweler to make that and you pay extra for their experience. How much does the ring weigh and are you in a metropolitan area (there would be more jewelers, so the prices should be more competative)?
  10. it's very detailed. . . that is pricey.
  11. Ame: "Really you just have to decide if you love that design enough to pay that price. If not, keep looking. " --> yap! we just got the quote yesterday so we're letting it settle in our minds right now I guess. I think we willl look some more just to make sure if we go back it's because that's absolutely the only thing that I want. but we have been looking for awhile and the craftsmanship at renaissance platinum was absolute best so far....so the quote, I will reveal, was 5.8k before tax. :-s i don't think it's overpriced per say, but we weren't ready for it I suppose....we would've done it in a heart beat if it was 4k I think. :crybaby:

    tbbjb: thanks for your reply! yeap you're absolutely right...alll the points you've made is absolutely right, I guess the main thing is we started off our search thinking around 1.5k for the setting. we're in LA, so there's lots of jewlers and we've been to many of them also. I have no idea how much the ring would weigh though...

    Swanky mama of three: Hi! I've read so many threads by you :biggrin: I almost feel like I know you! hehe :biggrin: aaaaaaaand you're right. detail = pricey . :blush:
  12. WOW. That's a LOT. For just a setting. Holy smokes. It's a good deal if its EXACTLY what you want, but don't shell out that kind of cash if you don't think that you'll wear this thing for your entire lifetime.
  13. I was the one that guessed $6k - I was assuming it had to be around that much.
    I wasn't guessing based on the question of "what is reasonable?" I was guessing more along the lines of "what do you think the retail of this is?".

    We've looked at a lot of setting. . . I know they get crazy pricey! :-s
  14. I underestimated this tremendously as I had never heard of the maker. But like both Swanky and I said: a lot of work to set those stones.

    I don't typically check out settings like that for purchase. I am too plain and boring, and I loupe the ish out of my stuff. A setting like that would make me go blind.
  15. It's all relative on the artist and the amount of work involved. Some designs are very time consuming- this one is a good example. The irony is that one artist may charge more or less depending on their skill, popularity etc.....

    Bottom line, anything hand-crafted is just like purchasing a work of art. You're paying for the artist's time, skill, and workmanship AND for having something truly unique which at the end of the day, could be priceless?!