what do you think in general about the brands we love's spring line?

i actually want to take the time to applaud coach this season. ::clap:: lol definetly saved their arses which their hideous collection last season and the one before that. but, a new season, new delicious things to buy!

i like all of their hobos, though if i would buy one i would buy the metallic, but this year its very tasteful, not crazingly contrasted that they dont work. and yet they are classy and still whimsical.

and im so proud of them being able to use a medium like the straw and not over do it like they usually do. the bees are so cute! and their accessories. wow i couldnt believe i was looking at coach, a couple of months ago i never thought that today was possible lol. if the nano is made with 1500 songs, i will most definetly buy this or this:

if they had that orange coin purse, i would of snatched that up as we speak. the stripes are adorable, perfect for the girl like me who isnt girly, and the keychains, i definetly have to buy some sort of that. lol i want to buy the whistle one and put it on a necklace so i can blow it when a nice sailor passes me by :smile: alright im done lol with coach.
i went aghast with burberry this year, i desperately wanted to buy that olive tartan from prossum, but lost my chance to do so. but this year it all looks like what a polished grandmother should be wearing!
ralph lauren isnt so bad this year like this caught my eye:
thought that that was unusual and nice, the ricky ones and the aviator is terrific too, love the sunglasses, unusual with the leather.
paul smith can never go wrong :biggrin: and mark jacobs is still working on themselves, still a newish company so dont know if i can classify something as a staple of their collection. what do you all think? oh and im also disapointed in lv this year..with those new suede hobos and all..