What do you think if these LR heels?

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  1. #1 Feb 18, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2010
  2. Very pretty. I like them. I wonder how the open toe would look though, as the rest of the shoe is pretty "closed" in. Are you going to get them?
  3. I really regret going to the site and seeing the Nell lace-up boot with back zip :nuts:

    I like the heels – or maybe it's because I have a thing for back zips... No, those are definitely very cool; the capsule pill-shaped perforation looks very designed and accentuates the overall lines of the shoe.
  4. #4 Feb 18, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2010
    ^^ I am a huge fan of back zips too..
    I think with the perforations.. it makes it not seem so closed everywhere else to me..so I like the peep toe part.
  5. So I was curious since alot didn't respond...what don't you like about these?:flowers:
    I thought they would be a good classic bootie/heel without being too over the top and trendy..that I could wear them for along time.
  6. ohh! they're so adorable!
    and look really comfy too.
  7. I think they are super cute. And betting they are really comfy too! I heart LR shoes and boots - their designs are amazing for the most part and so unique and sophisticated (in a very subtle kind of way).

    I'm eyeing a pair for the summer too but can't justify buying it for MSRP...lol... the hubby would kill me!
  8. ^^ Thanks! I know...I'm going to hold out a bit ...see if they show up on Revolve..and then get a discount;) hopefully..
  9. They are beautiful OP,both casual and dressy, I like that kind of shoes ...
  10. these shoes aren't really my style, however i can see you love them OP, good luck finding them on revolve!! i'd probably wear these if they were louboutins.. lol. not gonna lie!
  11. They're cool. And LR heels are really, really comfortable.
  12. Not really my style, but if you love them, get them!
  13. i like, but wish the toe was closed, or at least that the opening was smaller.
  14. I :heart:LR's and these are no exception. They are not overly trendy but still stand out without overpowering an outfit.
  15. I like them, except for the heel. I like a skinnier heel.
    However, if you love them, get them, and the heel looks much more comfortable than a skinny heel, so you could probably wear them for longer periods of time.

    Post pictures when you get them:biggrin: