What do you think i should do!?

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  1. Okay so, I have about 130$ that I am DYING to spend on coach.

    So my question is... Do you think I should buy some accessories? (punch stripe wristlet, maybe a scarf, or a beauty case.... lol)

    Or.. Should I keep saving for a Punch Stripe Tote which I am DYING for. I love it sooo sooo much! I am afraid that it is going to dissapear, never go to outlets and never come back. Does anyone know if this is true? Do you think it will go to outlets?

    If the tote is going to be around for awhile, i might just buy myself some valentines stuff now and hopefully i will have enough money down the road to get the tote.
  2. Save your money. In the end you will kick yourself if you don't get it. Trust me, I know. I had to do that this week too. It's better to still have money that have a purse and nothing to put in it or be broke until the next time you get paid. Just put aside $50 or $75. That's what I plan to do. Hope that helps. :biggrin:
  3. THanks for the reply! Im still dying to get something though. I better not go to the mall!
  4. if you want that punch tote, find the money and get it NOW. i was at 2 stores today and lots of people were coming in for them and they were sold out.
  5. Buy now... worry how to pay for later...

    Oh, sorry - I shouldn't be passing my bad habits onto others....:push:

    Like Kallison said, I would get it as soon as you can w/o over extending yourself...
  6. I wish I could. Trust me if there was some way, I would have it now! The thing is im still in high school and don't have any credit cards.. So i either try to get my mom to give me and extension until i can sell a dooney purse and and mp3 player o eBay, or i just don't get it :sad:
  7. You seem to love the tote so I say save your $ and wait til you have enough to get it! :yes:
  8. i would save my money, then maybe buy the other small things later
  9. I agree. You can definitely go buy something different now but since it sounds like you really want that punch tote, you'll probably end up still wanting it later. So save up for it or find a way to get it now.
  10. try selling your bag and mp3 player on craigslist also, because that can be a local thing and you can get quick cash for it (trust me, i know). dont just settle on accessories if you want the tote. hold and and work hard for it.

    youll find a way to get it soon!
  11. I agree w/ everyone...save your money for the punch tote!!!
  12. If you want the tote, save up and get it. Don't buy something just to buy it.

  13. I think this just about says it all. Even though it's hard, try to resist the "getting something just to get something" trap and save for the bag you're really in love with. Otherwise, you're likely to spend money on something that won't really make you happy and the money you spent on that could've gone into the "tote fund" instead!
  14. Yeah, I gotta echo what everyone else is saying! I know it's hard to be patient! Lord knows I'm the worst for preaching patience but it'll be worth the wait to get what you really want! And great choice, the punch is gorgeous!
  15. Definitely go for the Puch Tote. If that's the bag you really want, it will always be bugging you that you didn't get it. Save, save, save and you'll have it before you know it.