What do you think?? Honestly?!

  1. Im NOT a sneaker kind of girl. However I thought these would look so cute with brown Juicy sweats in the Fall...

    Are they too[​IMG] gangster? (and Selena stay out of it!!!) :smile:
  2. I love everything about them except the heel is a little loud for my taste. However, they pretty tasteful so if you feel comfortable rocking them, I would go for it Gucci shoes are so classic! I think you would look quite hot in a juicy suit with these sneaks!
  3. hmmm. did you buy them already?
  4. LOL...bags!!! Its ok...you can tell me you hate them!! Selena did! :roflmfao: (ofcourse my 13 year old niece said they were "pimpin") uh...ok, that scared me. Not sure if is scared me more that she thought that or that those words came out of her mouth!!! lol
  5. okay! cause if you said you bought them I would have been like :yahoo::tup: but if you hadn't bought them yet I would have been more:shocked::throwup: but now I'm not sure....:confused1::shrugs: I think I would have to try them on:choochoo: cause the only thing I don't like is the huge logo on the heel.....does that help?:lol:
  6. Oh I bought them!! I got a great deal on eBay so if I hate them I will just resell them. KWIM?? I just thought they might be fun once in blue moon. I think I would have a hard time looking gangster even if I tried!
  7. Honestly, I think you are too pretty for these, like a pretty girl driving a piece of crap car always bums me out, KWIM? Your lovely face and these shoes are incongruent..KWIM?
  8. with the right attitude and proper handgun you too could be a cholla....don't sell yourself short....
  9. these are a little much. maybe with long jeans so the entire shoe is not visible?
  10. ^^Yep and go get some Aqua Net and get those bangs to stand up a bit...
  11. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::lol::lol: I could get a big gold chunky J (for my name) on a fat long chain and wear a big ol baseball hate sideways with a do rag under it (in my "colors" ofcourse) and start packin a pistol. (no offense to gang member intended) HOLLLAAA!!
  12. Word

  13. You are so sweet....:winkiss::winkiss:
  14. yes please, if you are in a gang or thinking of joining one, please don't shoot.
  15. I promise not to load the gun. It would only be for decoration.

    Well, it looks like I may be re-selling these! LOL