What do you think happened inside the car?????

  1. fair to say they were not discussing her music career, or were they?
  2. Yes I agree with you. Why would you do these when photos can be taken?
  3. That dude is so unattractive. But power/money makes anyone hot I guess.
  4. drugs...
  5. ^That would be my guess as well!
  6. who is that?
  7. The Pink Hotdog guy is much better looking...too bad he dumped her.
  8. I agree with the drugs theory
  9. LOL! So true! But I just don't get it. I swear.
  10. the thought makes me wanna :throwup:

    that guy has a creepy aura about him.......Nasty
  11. Why didn't I think of that?! Of course it was drugs! And maybe sex too, if he didn't have coke d*ck (which I just learned about from reading this forum!)

  12. as an aside, Lori - you change your avatar often, yes? I can't keep up with your avys. :smile:
  13. ^yeah, I do. I get bored easily.

  14. He is a big music producer. He wrote Lean Back.