What do you think? Grenat or Evergreen?

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  1. Which work should I get - grenat or evergreen? Both are brand new, and I have a bunch of Works, but no reds or greens (I've had really bad luck finding one I like in those colors, so I thought I'd better ask for help)
  2. Oh my.. such a difficult desicion!:thinking::blink: both are great colors, perfect red and green shades...but if I had to choose.. would go for the grenat but only if it had great leather!. Good luck and let us know when you get one of these treasures:graucho:
  3. I am on a huge green kick, so my vote goes to evergreen! There is something about a big green bag that I am loving. Grenat is a pretty color too and it may have better leather being chevre.
  4. Thank you so much Aalinne and Roey - I know you both have great taste, so I'm lucky you weighed in... ugh! what am I gonna do?? And, tomorrow something completely unexpected is coming - electric yellow RH work - what was I thinking???
  5. I used to own the Evergreen work and it is SUCH A GORGEOUS COLOR!!!!!!!!! I actually just bought an Evergreen Hobo w/ GGH too and it's stunning.

  6. Grenat! I love my Grenat City...such a good color, and the leather is so soft!
  7. I think I saw that hobo on the Bay! If it's the same one, i bought my Matelasse from that seller...she was so nice!
  8. rachey, do you think your grenat is a brick-like color? I think I want a dark red, but not at all brown or orange... I've searched the color threads and the grenat looks good, but it's so hard to tell...
  9. Grenat..reason I began purchasing Bal
  10. Nope...I would not consider it a brick red. It's more like a deep wine red. I wanted a bag that was the color of red wine, and this is perfect!
    I used to have a sienna first and I would describe that one as a brick red.

    Here's some pics of my Grenat...HTH!

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  11. Grenat is a fabulous colour. It goes with everything without looking contrived. Mine looks a bit darker than Rachey07's. It may be the lighting but it is a fairly deep colour.

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  12. ^^agreed, it goes with everything!
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    Thanks, everybody - I'm going to have him send it tomorrow - sounds like it may be just what I'm looking for. Of course, I may also have to have him send the evergreen, just in case... :graucho:
  14. ^Are you getting it from Leo at Barneys NY?

    Just a warning... if you have both bags sent you may not send one back! I am terrible at returning nowadays.
  15. You'll get more use out of Grenat...Plus not to mention the leather!!!