What do you think? Fendi Beaded Bag

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  1. Am I missing something? I saw this bag on Saks' web page. It's available for preorder. I think it's ackwardly proportioned and actually kinda ugly (at least in the picture). What do you ladies think? Has anyone seen it in person? I know that pictures can be deceiving.

  2. For such a small bag there is a lot going on. It's way too busy IMO.
  3. I dont like those bags at all :sad:
  4. Thanks. I have certainly learned that the women on this site have great taste and well-trained eyes when it comes to handbags (and other things too I assume). If everyoe loved this bag, I would have started thinking that I was hopeless!
  5. it's a nay IMO
  6. Sometimes its good to go against the tide :biggrin: Definitely not in this case though!
  7. I don't like it. It looks like part of a Fendi bag detached from the the regular sized bag.
  8. I love all Fendi B-bags! These smaller ones are not my favorite, but I still like them in simpler, monochromatic colors. Although I have a love for b-bags, I still don't like the ones with embroidery or extra "stuff"
  9. I don't mind it. I think the chain and the fabric are both pretty. I do think that cutting the buckle design in half kind of ruins the concept of the B.Fendi, though.
  10. I think it looks funny, kinda like carrying a big buckle around.
  11. That bag is hideous.
  12. I don't get the hype over the Fendi b bag. And this one is definitely a fugly IMO.
  13. It looks messy..
    There are too many thins going on in this bag exterior
  14. Yay, I think the embroidery looks so deliciously delicate.