What do you think? Feedback re RAOK & New Rules

  1. Hi all,

    OK...I"ve done some digging...and read PMs & emails, etc.
    Here is my tentative plan for Fall RAOK, as well as rules & timelines.
    Please indicate if you agree, what you would change, etc.

    Fall RAOK:
    Start accepting apps: 8/15/07
    Notification of buddy: 9/15/07
    Official Start of Fall RAOK: 10/1/2007 - 11/31/2007
    Present sent in october & november

    Separate Secret Santa/Hannukah/Kwanzaa, etc. to begin accepting apps on: 11/1/07 finish: 11/15/2007
    Buddy notification before 12/1/2007
    Secret Santa starts: 12/1/2007 - 12/31/2007
    One present sent to buddy.

    Rules of RAOK/Secret Santa:

    1. All applicants will be fully reviewed before acceptance.

    2. There is no set minimum number of posts, but rather the administrator (me) will be looking for the following:
    a. # of posts in LV forum to show you are an active LV participant
    b. frequency of posting (do you disappear for weeks at a time, or are you posting regularly)
    c. previous history participating in LV RAOKs (did you forget a gift, send them late, not post pictures, not respond to PMs, etc.)
    d. content of posts (1000 congrats does not equal participation in RAOK)
    e. MUST have posted a picture on tPF within previous month (so I can verify you do know how to post photos, etc.)

    3. You are required to post photos of each and every gift received. If your buddy decorates outside of the box, please take photos of packaging. Descriptions of gifts will no longer suffice. Pictures should be posted within 72 hours of receipt.

    4. Proof of mailing is required for gifts. This proof of mailing must be PMed to me by the 21st of each month if mailing within your country, or the 15th of each month if mailing out of your country. This can occur several ways:
    a. in the USA you can send priority mail and purchase delivery confirmation for .65. You can also send regular mail and purchase delivery confirmation.
    b. In Canada, you can mail parcels and get delivery confirmation for free (according to their website). For letters (i.e. if you were mailing only a gift card) you can send it registered mail and receive a tracking number. Cost is $7.95 including tracking.
    c. If mailing to US or Canada from USA or Canada...the customs form number is considered proof.
    d. If mailing in Europe to same country: Some form of tracking is required. I'm not 100% sure how it works overseas...and I didn't have time to check out each individual country.
    e. If mailing to another country in Europe, customs form number/receipt number will suffice.
    f. If sending someone something through the internet (i.e. gift certificates, magazine subscriptions), please forward the confirmation email to me (minus any CC info, etc.)

    5. There is no price limit.

    6. All gifts must have a Louis Vuitton theme. Decorate the box, send it in a Louis box, send it in a Louis bag, make a card with Louis on it....just something LV in each gift.

    7. Administrator can remove someone from the RAOK for not following above rules.

    8. An ANGEL system will be in place for missing gifts/unresponsive buddy, etc.

    OK...what did I miss? Too harsh? Not enough rules?

    They may see overwhelming...but I bet 95% of you are already doing those things (minus PMing me tracking info) and it doesn't really affect you. The rules are mostly there for the other 5% and to potentially discourage those who wouldn't have followed the rules from even applying.

    The other thing to note: Your buddy for RAOK & Secret Santa would be different. And you don't HAVE to participate in both.

    I think I covered everything that people had PMed.
  2. No one?? LOL
  3. Hey Twiggers,

    seems fine to me.

    My Dh says if someone does not send a gift then the person sending to them should be told not to post to them but to send to the buddy that did not receive the gift-hope that makes sense?

    Tracking can be a little difficult from overseas unless you pay a whole chunk I think-would need to check this out.

    Think your great organising it again!
  4. I am game this time...I have passed in the past due to finishing graduate degree and medical difficulties...but I am game! Please inform us ROAK newbies (i.e., me) on the application/rules etc...

  5. Hey Lorna...your DH is right! That is what I did this last time when someone flaked out!
  6. Hey Jen...fantastic! I'll be posting a big application thread next month that will be stickied up top...and it'll have all the rules, etc. posted!
  7. twiggies, that is awesome, and as said previously, let me know if you need help organizing it..i can help.
  8. Yea i agree with the rules!
    I think we have to have a good set of rules to try and make RAOK run smoothly.
    I think i will apply for secret santa just so i save enought money for a amazing gift package!
    Thanks for doing all this again :smile:
  9. Thanks all...and thanks for the offer Ren! I will definetly let you know if I need help!!!

    Kaie: Yea...I'm not sure whether to put a dollar amount on the Secret Santa (a minimum and a maximum)? I only think this because it's a one time gift as opposed to multiple gifts.

  10. I think you have it covered. You are very thorough!
  11. min and max on the secret santa gift sounds wonderful....it is a one-time thing..u have my vote there TWIGGIES! :tup::tup::tup::tup:

  12. Thanks Ren! So what kind of range do you all think?

    Any suggestions on that?
  13. Hmm maybe $50-$200? or 50-$150 so thats like £25-£100 or £25-£75 or would you do it like £50-£200...
    LOL not trying to sound confusing or anything but kwim?
  14. I think you covered everything :smile:
  15. Ahhhh Kaie...I didn't think of that if people are sending out of country.
    There probably isn't much you can buy for 12 pounds (the equivalent to 25 USD). Hmmmm...I've got to think that through then. Typically you're sending and receiving in your own currency...so I might have to restrict it that way (Euros, USD, CDN, Pounds, etc.) or match people closely based upon the conversion rates. And then we could say $50-200 regardless of currency.

    Does that make sense? Or any better suggestions?