What do you think could happen?

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  1. I don’t think prices will drop ! I have noticed items that haven’t been available are now available again like in the older days .. I was wondering if the closed stores have sent their items to be sold online . I do think second shops prices will drop they all ready have online . They were getting crazy high anyway . With LV closing maybe they will go up in value as LV will not be making new bags for awhile .. the times are definitely uncertain and scary . I don’t think the stores will be opening in April .
  2. This is MUCH WORSE than 2008/2009 or any other crash other than the great depression of the 1920s.. Around 50 million jobs are at risk in US alone IF the virus is not meaningfully contained in the near future. Many lucrative jobs will be lost.. Here in Vancouver 4 of my friends were laid off just this week - one of them a lawyer and another a dental hygienist. I have no idea what the luxury brands plan to do - they might have to reduce prices.
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  3. Last night from my CA: "As of right now we're suppose to be reopen April 1st"
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  4. Fingers crossed things in Canada settle down at that point that stores are allowed/able to reopen... not just LV but others too. Still need to practice social distancing but would be nice to have at least a tiny tiny bit of normalcy!
  5. Over here shops, including LV, are planned to open after Easter, but the government said maybe they have to stay closed for longer. Honestly, I would not feel comfortable going shopping in times like these.
  6. I remember a few years back Chanel dropped their prices here in Australia. They had a huge jump where prices went up nearly $2k AUD on classic bags in one go. Big shock to everyone I guess coz they dropped them down a few months later. Well a little bit anyway. ..
  7. Miraculously so many items that are rarely in stock are now in stock! It goes to show that this was a marketing ploy by LV and now they really need the sales! Great shopping, but horrible timing for most!
  8. I would not be sure of this. And nothing about this is „miraculous“: LV has hundreds of shops worldwide being shipped items from the factories every day - as all (or most?) of them are currently closed for obvious reasons, stock is ONLY uploaded to the websites. If you just imagine supplying a fraction of the shops with, let‘s say Mini Pochette Accessoires in Mono (which I was lucky to get at my local store a few weeks before these crazy times) every week that probably makes at least 50 Mini PAs available now.

    Simultaneously people are buying less (some because they want to save the money - some because they don‘t want any delivery people to have to get out there just for a handbag as there are much more essential purchases being shipped and straining the capacities of shipping companies). And therefore stock is available much longer on the sites (especially the more expensive items).

    I would not be so quick with theories about shortages being „only a marketing ploy“ in the past. Although I can definitely understand that you are not happy with the outcome: bags that are available that we have all been stalking for and now we are not in a place to buy them. Because for example, people have lost their jobs, like I have just three days ago. So although I get your frustration about the situation, I would not „blame“ LV for it.
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  9. I am 100% certain it was a marketing ploy. Why is it that you rarely could find a mini pochette in store and now they are available on line. LV knew that they could sell them at any time and they were holding back on their availability to create more demand, to make it appear that you were lucky to find one. It has now backfired and the average LV buyer will not be making any purchases in the near future. The few of us who are fortunate enough that we still have our jobs have the common sense to know that now is not the time to be indulging while people around us are dying, or we may not have our jobs tomorrow! A reality check, myself included. Of course there will always be those that are not affected by this crises physically or financially, but you won’t be able to wear your purchases for the near future, in any case, except to the grocery store!
  10. Well at least LVMH is doing their part.....

    Luxury conglomerate LVMH said it will supply 40 million masks to France, which is facing a shortage during the coronavirus pandemic.

    The group has secured 10 million masks from a Chinese distributor, which will be arriving in France over the next few days, according to a release. There will be seven million surgical masks and three million FFP2 masks, which are more robust mainly used in construction. LVMH will continue to repeat the order in similar quantities for the next four weeks.

    Chairman and Chief Executive Bernard Arnault has financed the first delivery, which cost €5 million.

    This is not the first effort the luxury conglomerate has made to support medical authorities in the battle against the coronavirus. The group has already pivoted perfume and makeup facilities in France to produce large quantities of hydroalcoholic gel.
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  11. I doubt prices will drop but I think more product might become available for longer periods of time.
  12. No price drops but plenty of stock and maybe no pre-pay for merchandise to be transferred from one location to another, or when a new line drops.
  13. Thanksfully I live in France where the employees rights are highly secured, laid off people for economic reason are covered by the unemployment indemnity at 75-80% of their salary for at least 6 months. As for temporary unemployment for staying at home, I’m getting 84% of my salary for basically not being able to work!
  14. AmbrosiaL wrote such a well thought out, articulate response to you and in your rant, (the first half of which are unsubstantiated claims, not the part about jobs), you don’t even acknowledge or respond to any of her points. You sure do throw around the number 100% certain though, and make claims on what LV “knows”
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