What do you think Chanel Tpfer girls have in common?


Jul 2, 2006
I Love London!
I joined the forum in 2006 and have posted 90% in the Chanel forum.

During my time on the Chanel forum I have found that Chanel girls are very friendly, funny, fun loving, kind hearted, think alot about their purchases and love to travel.

I've also noticed that Chanel girls no matter what their taste in clothes and shoes always have bags that go really well with their outfit.


Hermes Here I Come
Mar 16, 2008
Same thing for me... I invade mostly the Chanel and Ebay section. I recently discovered the celebrity section, health and fitness, general discussion board and there is so much on here besides Chanel! This goes to show that I am so one-minded, I dont even bother checking on the other topics as long as there is Chanel!

I have also met many, many nice gals on here who have helped me make decisions over bags, helped me track down bags and also share their knowledge of Chanel with me! Today I even learnt how to enlarge pics on a post! (Big thanks to celia_hish for sharing with me your posting secrests and walking me through the whole process!)

Gotta go, so much to read and so little time!


♡ Chanel & Hermès ♡
Feb 22, 2008
San Francisco
I guess I'm pretty new to the purse forum in general 'cos I wasn't regularly posting when I first signed up. But I do love my Chanels and the Chanel subforum is definitely what I always check nowadays! I love to see everyone swapping pictures, intelligence on the bags and giving ideas, especially all the "first hand" information on the coming designs and styles. PurseCrazyGal is right, we must really love our bags to do so much! :heart:

Chanel girls rawk! :rochard:


Dec 12, 2007
I must say that the girls in chanel forum are very friendly , kind and polite !! Ohya , they all dressed well and classy !!!
I go to other designer 's too, I feel chanel 's girls are one of the best! !