What do you think Chanel does best?

  1. I think Chanel makes very nice bags, followed closely by suits and other clothing then finally shoes (though I have never taken to anything in their sports line really).
  2. I think the Chanel bags are best, followed by sunnies, and then fragrance.
  3. Clothes, bags and sunglasses.... shoes too!
  4. I use their make-up. Very pleased with some products.
  5. Chanel bags and sunglasses...
  6. Ditto what Lisa said!
  7. what i thought first when i see this title was increasing prices and overcharging? hehe LOL, the best would be bags!
  8. LOL!

    I'm with the majority here, bags and clothes although I don't own any RTW.
  9. Definitely their classic tweed jacket. The beautiful lining and the chain which helps it to hang so perfectly. And the yummy array of colors mixed in the tweed.
    Of course the bags a great, too.
  10. Agree totally with 255medina. Some of the fantasy jackets, fabrics, workmanship -- the attention to detail is phenomenal --the buttons, seaming contours the chain at the hem. Where else does one see such craftsmanship? Let's not forget their cashmere, so soft. As for leather, for me it's lambskin -- the look, feel and smell takens my senses to a higher level. It's not that Chanel does it well; it's near perfection.
  11. I agree with several...bags, then sunnies, then make-up/fragrance, clothes and shoes. I rarely ever see Chanel shoes I LOVE.
  12. bags, sunnies, fragrance... and sometimes rtw
  13. Considering that this is a purse forum, I bet there are going to be lots of answers saying "bags"! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

    Personally I think they do clothing very well (ie. tweed jackets). But I do have a soft spot for their bags...
  14. Bags, makeup, sunnies, shoes, clothes in that order. :smile:
  15. Jackets!! One day I will own one if I can find a less boxy shape, on sale.