What do you think? Chanel 18S light pink WOC

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  1. Hi ladies, when i was shopping for my CF i saw this very pretty shade of pale pink WOC (didnt take a photo though but from 18S collection), with shinny silver hardware. Super cute and would love to add her to my collection. But is pale pink + lambskin is a really bad idea for a WOC?
    I currently have black WOC which I love but I think I wouldn’t enjoy the pink as much (probably will baby her due to colour). But i am quite intrigued to the colour - favourite colour but never own a pink bag.
    Generally speak how does Chanel pink wear? Any colour transfer/fading etc? thank you!
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  2. I think your gut feeling is correct, the light colored lambskin will require lots of babying and may get dirty easily. Although it may look stunning, I personally would not buy it.
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  3. Thank you for your reply! I like pale pink so much but always avoid pink bags esp when it comes to price point like Chanel
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  4. me too. CHANEL DOES THE VERY BEST PINK HUES. in the past i bought pink chanel bags and regretted buying them, because i never really used them. but i also think of a pale pink reissue i did not buy so i feel your pain.
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  5. I would buy the pink in a different style that hangs higher on the body like a boy bag or a ML classic. Those chains are shorter so they sort of encourage you to double chain on shoulder or minimize rubbing on your hips when you walk while cross bodied. The WOC is made to hang lower and exactly where your hip would sway as you walk so I would personally reserve that style to the most durable colors and material.
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  6. I have a baby pink Chanel WOC and it still looks new but I have to consider every piece of clothing that I wear wear I carry it, color transfer is a big issue.
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  7. I know! It’s very upsetting a colour transfer on to a beautiful baby pink Chanel bag!
  8. I agree with you. But I personally like a smaller pink bag - which hence i still dont own any as i like crossbody bag like mini and WOC. It’s really hard to resist the current season baby pink, it’s so nice :sad: but so not practical. I can even see myself using the green CF more than a pale pink WOC.
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  9. you regretted because u seldom use or is it due to colour transfer?? I understand u as well!! I saw the baby pink WOC yesterday again i was so wanna ask the SA to have another look but I held myself.
  10. So they have it in a mini square? That one typically has shorter strap too so hangs higher
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  11. I dont think they have mini for this season pale pink - at least not in Australia, only SLGs or the WOC in that colour. For a “bag”, Woc is the only option.
  12. I have a light pink caviar woc with color transfer on the back. It hits me really low so I wasn't really surprised. However I did get this season's light pink in a m/l! Sits higher than a woc and it's really cute!
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  13. I can imagine! I haven’t seen the light pink medium here. I only saw the WOC.
  14. I ve never actually had colour transfer with my pink bags, but always felt they were not up to withstanding my active lifestyle...:biggrin: running for buses, cycling, dirty floors etc... I haven't seen this fabled new pink. any photos?
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  15. I didnt take photos of it. See if i will go to the store today and take a couple
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