What do you think? Brown Handbag & Black Shoes = NO NO?

  1. Hi ladies,
    It's my first post here in the wardrobe forum. Hope I'm in the right place :shame: As a person whose fashion sense is questionable/still in training, I'd love to learn your take on this:

    I'm thinking about getting the Rebecca Minkoff Nikki hobo in espresso http://www.lunaboston.com/ProductInfo/Rebecca%20Minkoff/18410.aspx, but I'm also an unimaginative black clothes kind of person, meaning I mainly have black flats, boots, heels, you name it.

    In your opinion, should I pass on this bag? ie. Should brown handbags stay away from black shoes?

    Thanks for your opinion!
  2. I think it'd be fine. I know some people won't do it but it's a personal decision..if you like the way it looks, go for it!
  3. It's fine.
  4. I think it's fine.
  5. The trend now is under the theme of "dare to clash" in regards of the blue and black (which is almost a no-no right? But is now a fashion statement)which NY Mag is focusing on... as far as last year, quite a few designers (I have seen it in 2007 winter collections somewhere) have experimented with brown and black just the same. Seen it done as a highlight, and it is not wrong because brown is neutral and black is technically not a color.

    Just remember that both browns and blacks have "tempretures", from "cool" to "warm"... it is how one ties the "tempretures" together (how one works it)!

    People with brown hair wear black all the time... nothing wrong with it! ;)

    As bb10lue has shown in "post your wardrobe" (page 180) #2688 and #2689 with her black bag and brown accessories. In fact, very nicely done.
  6. i love brown and black together, same with navy and black! It depends on the hue, but usually it looks very hot :smile:
  7. I do it all the time, I think it looks good, looks like a beautiful bag, don't not buy it for this reason.
  8. There is no problem with that. I wear a cobalt blue bag and a grey bag with everything.
  9. you'll be fine
  10. I think it's great!
  11. You could always get a cute pair of brown flats to wear with it. They look so hot with jeans and there are so many reasonably priced nice ones out there now.
    But I think it would look fine with black. I'd not let that stop me from buying a bag I love!
  12. I think it's fine as long as the brown is a dark brown.
  13. I hope it's fine... cause I do it every day!!! :p
  14. im gonna go against the majority and say no no no. i hate mixing black and browns
  15. I'm also going to go with no. Mixing dark brown and black is a big no-no. The only exception is if it is a camel colored brown.