What do you think? Bought at Saks sale

  1. Very cute!
  2. Congrats!! I love it! Its a gorgeous shade of red. The bag is stunning. :yes:
  3. Really nice....Def. not too red! Perfect congrats
  4. it's very cute !! is it heavy??
  5. i love it! congrats! how much did it end up costing with the discount, Diva?
  6. 749 from gucci and Saks and 850 from NM and BG
  7. I LOVE that red bag! Great for summer!
  8. Loves it!!!!!!!! that bag is HOT! :heart: the color (:
  9. dang! what a bargain!
  10. Gorgeous! Great choice!
  11. I like that a lot!
  12. red is a very nice color that you can use all year and soo fashionable at this time too. for spring and summer, use it for a nautical feel to your look and when fall to winter comes, wear them with black :smile: very nice! i also got a red bouvier :smile:
  13. I love that one!! I had the opportunity to see it IRL yesterday at Nordies.

    Congrats :smile:
  14. Congratulations -- I love this bag!! I have it in the large black, but am dying for another color. What a great purchase.