What do you think? Belen Echandia???

  1. Found this bag on eBay. It's made in England and I'm wondering what you all think before I try to beat the reserve price!!! Here's the picture, courtesy of eBay, and the website.


  2. mmmm....Not really great. But cute. Looks very comfy to wear though...
  3. I think it's a pretty common design. How much is it going for? I wouldn't pay more than $225 for it. I am not familiar with that designer though.
  4. i like the straps and the color of the bag..very cute..but yeah i prob wouldnt pay more than 200 for it.
  5. Not really digging it, but the color is great.
  6. Yeah, it's a bit square-ish for me...
  7. Don't think much of the color and not enough hardware to make it give an extra something.
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