What do you think B.E. Fall 09 will be about...?

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  1. The SS 09 sale is over...we've seen everything on the website umpteen times...
    ...anyone have any idea what Fall 09 will bring? :P

    (Can you remember...that it was only last year around this time, that Jackie released some pix of her new designs, WTM and MMS... Wow!)
  2. TG, I don't know about you TG but I"m SO ready for new and fresh BE designs. I can hardly wait!!!!
  3. I can't WAIT to see what's in store for fall! I think I read somewhere that it will be jewel tones? If so, I'm very excited about that. I wonder if there will be any new styles since the EM and SPM were just released?
  4. Ooooh... I love jewel tones and I can't wait to see some new styles. I wonder when we might be seeing something. Does anyone have the scoop?
  5. Yup....I also remember reading about jewel tones!!!! But what do we have missing??? We have had wine, petrol and green crash. Does this mean that there will be more pebbled glossies in these colors??? We have red, navy, petrol, wine, purple, um...and the other wine color that I can't for the life of me recall the name of.....what else is there???? Can't wait to see!!! OOOOO TMA rucksack!!!!

  6. I think you are right. I am sensing hunter green, saphire (sp?) blue, black cherry, aztec green, maajolica blue (see Pantone fall 2009 color guide)
    dark rich velvety colors set with shimmery golden lining for a truly royal look and feel.
    does not hurt to dream in this case :biggrin::biggrin:
  7. I'd love to have matte or pebbled (pearlised or luxe) in jewel tones! but I suspect they're more likely to be in the glossies or the sheens, which I'm trying to steer clear of notwithstanding that I actually do love the glossy/sheen vibrant colors! .... I'm just not so much into conditioning worn corners to bring the colors back! :P But whatever, I'm just excited to have something to dream about and look forward to!
  8. Black cherry sounds divine!
  9. here's what im hoping:

    at least 2 new styles. the enchant me and the surprise me don't do anything for me. (sorry ladies) i want some new bags! and bags that zip up!!!!

    more website stock, especially of small leather goods.

    more glossy leathers. dark grey glossy is tough but beautiful. i want more bright glossies.

    a bag with some hardware detailing. i love my kooba brynne. how about studs and tassels?

    personalisation perhaps taken a step further. why not let you initial your bag?
  10. Jackie told me that she's designed a laptop bag...
  11. I would love a great new satchel and more size options as I tend to carry smaller bags. Maybe a winter white? Or something in patent leather? I love the jewel tones of fall...my favorite shopping season. And Love Me Midi with 2 zips as standard :smile:
  12. This is brill! And this is precisely why I started this thread...to get little gleanings of info that some of us have and others don't. Thanks, Maria! Who doesn't need a BE laptop bag? :graucho:
  13. A winter white and patent. Wowsers!!!!!!:smile:
  14. I like the idea of more hardware detailing, PinkyDi! I've haven't let pass many chances to whisper "paprika" into Jackie's little ears. REAL paprika, russet/red/rust spice. I took pictures of a bottle of paprika spice right out of my pantry and sent them to her. I also love the thought of deep teal. DEEP, not at all summery. Dark and rich, warm teal. Not green, not blue, not turquoise... DARK TEAL. I can "see" both of those bags with lots of gold hardware, and just the mental images make me feel almost panicked to have them!
  15. Gold hardware and golden shimmery lining-yum