What do you think about ...?

  1. The Speedy 30 in black Epi ?


  2. I like it it's a very chic bag I like it in ivorie too
  3. Elegant...understated. I purchased one with gold hardware about 2 months ago but had to return it since it was too large. I didn't have any luck finding a 25 with gold hardware.
  4. Love it
  5. It's so Elegant!
    It's looks really nice for day to and work.
  6. Love it!
    i have the 30 with gold hardware, bought it last year and loveeeeeeeeeeeee it.
    That bag gets the most complements .
    i think its a great size ,I'm 5'5" size 12.
  7. I like the black and red epi speedy. Classy.
  8. My words exactly. :tup:
  9. gorgeous, its on my wish list.
  10. Beautiful bag!
  11. epi is so elegant looking ...I love it in white too ..unforunately white always scares me...its is what has kept me from getting a azur keepall even though I love the look...well that and vachetta ...
  12. Classic Bag! I :heart: how you can use this bag when your dressed fancy or dressed casual.
  13. I don't like black. How about red?
  14. I like it. It's understated and elegant as others have mentioned. It would definitely be nice to carry to work or any place where you don't want monograms screaming out.
  15. Very classy and elegant!