What do you think about Vernis Reade PM

  1. For those who own the Reade PM, what's your comment on this bag? I am debating if I should get one. :idea:
  2. I dont own one but I think they are beautiful!
  3. they are super cute but, I prefer bags that zip so the houson, brentwood and bedford are at the top of my list....
  4. I think it is a cute bag and I am contemplating it for my next purchase.
    I think it is on the smaller size, but someone posted a picture showing that it would hold 5 diced tomato cans. (maybe Nita?) :smile:
    What color are you thinking about? I'd like the new pomme d'amour or framboise!
  5. I am thinking either framboise or noisette....noisette can go w/ anything. I like perle, but my Roxbury Drive was in this color already. The new red one is nice too!
  6. I like them.
  7. It's super cute! I highly recommend it.
  8. Cute, but too small to me. Love it though :biggrin:
  9. I think it's a very cute tote.
  10. very cute, great bag when you dont have to carry a lot.
  11. Only item I ever bought and returned...super cute, but super small!
  12. Agree with twinkle.tink. Really cute but too small.
  13. How small? I was wondering about this bag as well
  14. Love it, the new Pomme d'Amour Reade is gorgeous, and so is the framboise.
    It's the perfect size for me, and the open top may be a pain...but it's such a cute little tote.
  15. that bag is on my wishlist! i think its beautiful....