What do you think about velvet spy with embroidery?

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  1. Hello ladies!
    I was wondering what your thoughts are about the velvet embroided spy. I saw it yesterday and got it on hold for myself, i wanted to get it as a gift for my birthday :smile: now i am home and not sure whether i should spend so much money on a bag or whether i should use this amount of money and get myself something else. I need some advice! What do you think about this bag? here is a picture of it taken from syle.com
    fendi 1.jpg
  2. I LOVE the way they look!!! I wish thery were priced less though!:nuts: But I guess it takes a long time to make those!!!
  3. I think they're really cute!
  4. beautiful but so fabulously unpractical!
  5. I have this bag. I bought it from Saks last December. It is the most beautiful bag. I don't think it is impractial at all. I take it everywhere. You can dress it up or down. I say to go for it!!
  6. Do you find any lint sticking to it at all? I am just worried if it will be too hard to clean !
  7. I'd buy one if it weren't so expensive, especially in light of how infrequently I'd use it. I love these though....:drool:
  8. No, I have never had a problem with any lint collecting on the bag.
  9. Gorgeous! but i would worry about the handles wearing out from holding velvet so frequently. i guess if you don't carry it so often... it would definitely be a collection piece.
  10. this bag is so beautiful, i still have a couple of day to decide if i want it or not. My BF thinks that i am crazy to spend so much money on a bag and i should get a nice ring instead:smile: or some kind of good jewelery with diamonds or something...decisions, decisions, decisions...:smile:
  11. Diamonds, schmiamonds! Go for the bag! Much more rare and distinctive!
  12. Its fabulous but the maintainence part is quite a headache. Depends on what is important to you.
  13. I have this bag and love it..... There is no maintence at all. I use it all the time and it goes with everything and I have no problem with the handles wearing at all and I am rough on my bags. It is such a unique piece and people are always stopping me asking me about it. Go for it. It is a unique piece.
  14. I totally agree with BagQueen. There is no maintenace with the bag, and I carry it all the time!!!
  15. I was at a store today and decided not to get the bag afterall...I got a chocolate leather spy instead, i still think this bag is absolutely gorgeous, but i decided that afterall its not as practical as a leather spy. I feel a bit sad that i let it go, but i know i wouldnt use this bag as often and for almost 4000 dollars i 'd rather get a spy and a chanel :smile: thank you everyone for your help though and if anyone in Toronto interested in this bag let me know, my SA still has it for me for a couple of days in case i change my mind lol :smile::smile: