what do you think about tri color epi ??

  1. it's certainly interesting. i'm sure it would look great with a black dress, just the right thing to liven up an outfit!
  2. it definitely has that 80's flavor with its bright colors!
  3. I've never seen that date code format... :shrugs:
  4. ^^ That's the only bag I've seen in the tri color epi. Someone here has it, but I can't think of who. :shrugs: Very cute, I wonder if there's been anything else too!
  5. I think that this was the only tri-colour epi petit noe. I like it - it's pretty cute.
    There were several versions of the bi-colour epi petit noe. There was a blue/black one, a red/black one, and I think (although I don't remember 100%) that there may have been a red/green one.
  6. not into it. it looks like lv cross colors gone wild hehe.
  7. My only response is 'Ewwwww'. Don't like it at all.
  8. I saw that Noe and if it was in better shape it would've been mine already!!!:lol:
  9. Yes there were a few tri combinations but they are vintage pieces. I have a bicolor red epi black straps that's 10 years old. I know it's dated but I could make it work.

    Haha Irene I was thinking the same thing...if only the green epi was in better shape...
  10. That looks like the 90's clothing line "Cross Colours". :supacool:
  11. I agree that the code looks suspicious - it doesn't make sense in terms of that month/year thing... I'm not the best at authenticating, but is it even real? It seems bit gaudy IMHO.

  12. I think it's real..
    I guess the format like that due to seasonal pieces..
  13. Looks real... but first thought when I saw it: Barnum and Bailey... LOL.
  14. I just realize why I am not real fan of the bag..it reminds me of the clown costume