What do you think about this!!!!!!!

  1. On 12.21.2007 item numbers 130183939121 sold for £660.00 and 130183922730 sold for £645.00 from ebayer rojorel.

    It the last 24 hours these have appeared item numbers 270199535534 and 270199584653 from ebayer tompoppins1.

    Same pictures same text. WHAT IS GOING ON!:confused1:

    sorry do not know how to do direct links across to eBay.
  2. AND if you look at feedback for tompoppins1 there are many left by rojorel

    I think there are a lot of fakes out there and these ppl are def working together. I wouldn't buy. I'd also report to eBay.
  3. I smell something very fishy here and I don't think I'm smelling the Thames River across the Pond!:tdown::tdown:

    I agree finzup, if you check both of there feedbacks, there sure is alot of cross-trading going on between them!:tdown:

    Report them and,

    :tup:STAY WELL CLEAR!!:tup:
  4. Nice catch Rosie!