What do you think about this -- Yes? No?

  1. Ladies...
    Do you like this color? I can't decide... I wanted something blueish, and thought about getting a city in bluet, but since I'm thinking about getting a bordeaux (or red) as well and didn't want the same bag in different colors I'm looking for blueish alternatives in leather. I came across this one and the color looks interesting... no?
    Although I was never really a big fan of the giselle bags (regular, baby, and tote... just didn't like them that much) this one kinda looks pretty... :shame:
    What do you think?
  2. It's nice- it just seems like it would be hard to match, especially if you wear a lot of black.
  3. I like the color. I think it would look nice with all colors.
  4. Like it! I think it would go fine with black. But then again I'm not too big on matching. I use whatever bag I want :smile:
  5. Yeah... I don't think that color would be too difficult... but has anyone seen that color IRL? And does anyone have a Giselle? If so please let me know how heavy it is! ;)
  6. If you're totally not in love with it....don't get it!
  7. I think it's a beauty! I'm a big fan of blue bags. They really go with almost anything. I have a cornflower City bag that I LOVE and use a lot. I also just got a MJ Blake in a beautiful blue color they call denim.
  8. I like it!! I love blue bags and find them as practical as neutrals.
  9. I have a lilac big Giselle and let me tell you what a pain in the arm that flap is to constantly unbuckle! Plus, the bag weighs a ton even when nothing is in it. I strongly recommend you get the tote version of the Giselle bag so you don't have to deal with the flap.
  10. Very pretty
  11. It is a nice bag. The Giselle bags used to be my must have.

    The purse is a beautiful color, very unique.

    Be careful because the color does not go with black because it's too dark. This bag will look better with brown or white neutrals. If you want to wear color with it, be sure to "tone down" the color with neutrals (ie kelly green sweater over a white button down and tan trousers). If you do wear black with it, let black be an "accent" and not the main color.
  12. I had a Giselle and didn't find it to be too heavy. I think it's a really nicely styled bag. Go for it Jeannie!
  13. Wow, you guys are making me want a blue bag! I guess I would worry about this particular bag going with black....but if Jeannie already has another black bag to wear w/ her black outfits, then problem solved:smile:
  14. It's okay. Not a big fan of the color.
  15. Thank you ladies for your opionions!!! If I do end up getting it I'll definately post pics. ;)