What do you think about this/should I get this?

  1. I was thinking it would be nice to have a place to ask other peoples opinions on items we're not quite sure about. At least I always find clothes that I can't decide if I like or hate, or I like something but it's really not my style.

    Anyways, here you can post things you're unsure about, and get other people's opinion. (Or you can help other people out!)

    If a similar thread already exists, feel free to bite my head off :smile:

    I need help on this dress! I love it, but it's not my style at all (I'm usually all about black), and I'm really pale (with medium brown hair) so I'm unsure about the color... What do you think, should I get it?
    It's $400
  2. I think it's cute, but I personally wouldn't spend $400 on it. It's not really my style either, but it would probably look better in black. I think for $400 you can find something really nice!
  3. I like the color and the style, but you could probably find something a little more cheaper that looks very similar. I like spend that kind of money on something a little more original.
  4. i like a lot both the style and the colour!!!
  5. I love the color!
  6. That's one of my favourite colours and it looks like a very flattering style! :yes:

    I have a JC Bean Bag in that colour and I love it! :heart:

    Do you mind me asking where it's from?
  7. I think the cut of the dress is not suitable for everyone.I would not buy it if you're not sure :shrugs:
  8. I think the style is cute...but I would not spend $400 on it.
  9. the color and the style is really nice but i think u can find such style at a cheaper price??
  10. Love the dress!!

    It's really pretty, but like the other ladies, I think $400 is quite a lotta money to spend on it :shame:
  11. i like the top part, but the bottom is not flattering enough for me.
    also i'm not sure about the material.
  12. I'm going to go along with everyone and say that it's cute but I'm sure you can find an almost identical one for cheaper!
  13. Chloehandbags: It's from Lyell, sold at blaec.com

    As everyone seems to comment on the price, I just have to ask: How much are you guys willing to spend on one item? I have a feeling there's a slight difference between America and Norway in that respect. My American friends tend to spend less per item (but buy more clothes), whereas my Norwegian friends will usually buy fewer but more expensive clothes. (Like Abercrombie & Fitch jeans are sort of "expensive" to my American friends, but my Norwegian friends usually spend twice as much on jeans...) Any thoughts? Is it just that my friends are weird?
  14. I think it's a really nice dress go for it
  15. Great colour and style.