What do you think about this setting?

  1. Dh just got me a 3ct RB and now I need to find the perfect setting (right now it's just in a solitaire setting)....I absolutely LOVE this one. :drool: I just want to make sure it's not going to take away from the center stone! It's the one in the upper right corner (the Ering would be the crown lace--looks like the ring in the lower left corner-just with the 3ct RB), then 2 thin eternity bands (one on each side)....what do you think?
  2. that's a beautiful look. i don't think it's too much nor would it take away from the center diamond. congrats.
  3. I like that setting too. Pave diamonds always make your ring sparkle and stand out more.
  4. It's beautiful, and I particularly like it with the two bands. Oh, and not to worry NOTHING takes away from a 3 carat diamond :yahoo: . congrats.

  5. Just beautiful! Will pair well with your 3 carat!