What do you think about this scarf on my speedy? NEED HONEST OPINIONS!!!

  1. Hey everyone!

    I just love seeing scarves on bags, so I decided to put one on my speedy! This Rock & Republic scarf was part of a gift that NM was giving out with a purchase a couple of weeks ago. I just adore the little skulls! :heart:

    What do you think? Scary or edgy?

    Also, if you have a scarf on your speedy, please post a pic!

    scarf 2.1.JPG scarf 1.1.JPG scarf 3.1.JPG
  2. Its cute...I have a mcqueen scarf on my balenciaga.
  3. i love it!! Its actually very sophisticated looking, though if you want to come off a little more casual, I would prob put scarf with another color besides black or white to kinda dress down.
    Its very creative, well done!! haha
  4. I love it and the stamping too!
  5. I think its very cute! It looks great on your speedy. I have one on my speedy too that I just put on there!!
  6. I think it's cute. Especially relevant until the end of October! Plus - you have it all black/white so it's very sleek.
  7. It's cute the white gives it contrast.
  8. I think it's a great match with the bag - I like it!:yes:
  9. Very cute!
  10. I really like it!
  11. I'm if-y on the black-white. I would have gone for a deep violet colour to give it a colorul contrast. The BW/Black-Silver hardware Speedy is a little too much for me :yes: Sorry, it's still cute tho! :smile:
  12. I really like it!
  13. :yes: I reckon it looks great. And love the heatstamping too.:love:
  14. Very cute!
  15. Thanks everyone! The reason I decided to go with a Black/white scarf is because the scarf was free and I didn't want it to go to waste! LOL But I do agree that getting a brighter color would have been much more fun! That just may be my next purchase!

    Bgcutiepie00, I LOVE your bag and the scarf!!!!!! I think Damier canvas looks AWESOME with red!!! Love, love, love it! Thanks for posting a pic!

    Again, thank you for your honest opinions!
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