What do you think about this ring?

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  1. Hi everyone! i'm new here and i love love love this forum!

    Anyways i want to get myself a birthday gift and i was thinking of getting a nice ring. (see attachment), its 2 carats and 14k white gold.

    Its kinda pricey but i love it and wanted to find out what everyone thinks before i take the plunge!!!!!

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  2. it's very nice!

    depends on your daily routine, though. with all the prongs, it definitely looks like something that would snag on something in my personal routine/on the job. if it's for everyday use and you run around it seems more beautiful than practical. just my opinion!
  3. It's definately a statement piece so it's all about if you love it or not. To me, it looks to busy, but if you can pull that off and you don't wear a lot of other jewelry, go for it.
  4. I love band rings. It is pretty, but it looks really, really wide too. Do you know how wide it would be on your finger?
  5. It is very nice and definite has good finger coverage. My only concern would be the prongs. They seem to sit a little high.
  6. it's pretty, but since it's so wide, i'd think that if you have a long finger, it's be gorgeous.
  7. It's gorgeous and I do agree with the others about the prongs being a concern.
  8. thanks so much for replying ladies! you have got me thinking regarding the prongs.......i was so caught up by the beauty that i didnt think about that - it doesnt seem so practical now hmm..i dont wear any other jewelry on my hands.........i'm going to visit the jewelers once again and try to find a smoother style! Thanks for your help!